Sunday, November 11, 2012

River Song Inspired OOTD

Hi Ya'll! I know this post is long over due considering the blog party is over, but I wantd to do the River Song inspired photo shoot anyway. My Dad was so kind in teaching me gun safety and all before doing the shoot. So all you people out there thinking she has a gun, scary, I do know how to use it and I understand how to be safe while carrying the weapon. :) It was not loaded in these pictures.

The em famous black dress is vintage from Amalagated Vintage and Dry goods in Alexandria, VA. It is a beautiful 1960's cocktail dress and I think it looks a lot like something River might wear. The red beaded necklace was bought at the same time as well from the same store. My shoes are from the thrift store and they are dance shoes. My grey shrug was thrifted from a little charity shop in my town

The gun I am carrying is my Dads 45. Definitely comment if you want to know more and I will be sure to ask my dad is I don't know the answer to your questions about the gun. After this photo shoot my dad is convinced I need to go to the shooting range with him. I think so too considering weapon safety and being able to protect ones self in self defense is so important. :)

Black cocktail dress- amalagated vintage and dry goods
grey shrug- thrifted
black dance shoes- thrifted
red beaded necklace- amalagated vintage and dry goods
hair combs- k-mart brand goody
foe diamond earrings- gift from my Grandma

Do any of you go shooting at all or have a gun or does your dad or hubby have a gun? 

picture source

 The dress I thought my dress could be inspired by above. I still got the red in there in my necklace instead of shoes since I have no red shoes. :)

picture source

 The idea for a photo shoot with a gun came from the picture above. I thought it would be definitely a River inspired OOTD post with a gun in there. 

I big applause of thanks to my Dad for taking the photos and letting me use his gun and a big thanks to Amagamated Vintage and Dry Goods for the great dress and necklace! 
God bless everyone!


Mrs Evans said...

River is my FAVORITE character from the modern Dr Who series! Very nice outfit, good choices! God bless:)

Rebecca Ann said...

Mrs Evans River is a funny character, I love her outfits and her hair and sometimes I like her, but sometimes I dislike her. She is a complex character. :)

God bless you too!

Elizabeth said...

Totally love River Song and I love your outfit. Looks just like something she would wear.
Haha, you do look like you know what your doing with the gun.

My dad and brother both have guns and I've learned to shoot them. One time one of my brother's brought a big hand gun to shoot at our house and I shot it. I had quite a kick, but I was the only one to hit the target. :P

Beautifully Pure said...

What a great outfit! I love River so much (although I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't the first time I saw her. Eep!)

You should definitely go to the range with your dad! I go with my dad sometimes and it is (surprisingly!) so much fun! Although last time I went I wore a Doctor Who shirt which I thought was wildly ironic considering the Doctor's opinion of guns. ;D

Rebecca Ann said...

Thank you! I have enjoyed reading your blog after seeing you on Ashley of Bramblewood fashion's youtube channel. I have enjoyed all your fun outfits too!

That is funny about you wearing your shirt to the range! ;) Yeah I really badly want to go with my dad now.

God bless!
Rebecca said...

haha you are so funny and these are great by the way.
I took a photo with one of my dad's gun a few years ago and he told me to not post it online because he didn't want people to know that I know how to use one and that he has a gun (granted he has legal paperwork to prove he has it legally, but he keeps his guns in places in case of invaders arrive). I was in the NRA but I would never use a gun on a person. never. ever. Glad your dad was giving you some tips.

Rebecca Ann said...

Victoria, yes my dad also is a member of the NRA, keeps his guns in case of intruders for self defense only! and I am not sure I would be able to use a gun on someone either unless they were trying to kill me then I would. I would only use a gun on a person in self defense.

I can't wait to go shooting with my dad at the NRA soon. I really need to learn how to use a gun in times like these.

God bless,