Saturday, November 3, 2012

Vintage Style Weekend Trip Part 1

 Hi Readers! My family and I have gone to PA and back for a weekend trip. We first stopped for dinner the first night at lovely 50's style diner in Lancaster, PA called DJ's Diner.

I was so intrigued when we passed by it on the way to our hotel that I said, "Please Dad can we eat there?!!!" I then grinned widely. :) Of course, all of us thought hamburgers and milk shakes sounded amazing so we stopped and boy were we in for a real treat!

DJ's is not a chain and is a christian joint. There goal is to have a place where people can good homecooking 50's style and take the time to focus on the Lord while doing it. They even have a prayer building in the back of the joint for anyone to go to and take time to pray and focus on the Lord. Isn't that cool?! I think its awesome and really needed these days! Most people, including myself forget to take the time to spend time in the prayer closet with the Lord these days.

I loved all the coke-a-cola themed memorabilia and red and blue theme all around the joint. They even had 50's music playing while we were there and the waitresses dressed in 50's circle skirts and pony tails.
My Dad and I laughing while my mother was taking this picture. :)

My mother on the right and our good friend Marianne enjoying themselves too. 

And to end a chocolate shake my dad and I shared. Yes it was ok, but I have had better actually. I have to say though their cokes were real cokes with real bubbles instead of the flat stuff I tend to end of drinking for some reason whenever I drink the drink. I love mine fizzy and strong, not flat and syrupy. :) I am particular. lol

I will post pictures next of the World War 2 reenactment we attended today. Stay tuned!

God bless,

2 comments: said...

I haven't been in Lancaster in so long but went there sometimes every single weekend before I had kids, and after I got married. I would love to see this place! How cute!!!

Rebecca Ann said...

Victoria yes I love it in PA! Its so quaint and quiet and different from the bustle of the city where I live. God bless! You should go and visit sometime.