Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thrifting and lovely finds

I was gifted by an older women with some lovely belt buckles! I was so excited as I was the only one out of the three women in my family, my mom, sister and I who wear belts. So I got to keep all these lovlies!I had too much fun photographing them with the old tree as a great backdrop!

They came in all shapes and sizes and colors and some of them still un-used on the cards! The ones on the cards say 90 cents each! I am curious how old they are, I am thinking not very old, but still they are a treasure, as you can't find any in the stores such as these. :)

I was so excited when I realized that this lovely ribbon the older lady gave us would make a great belt! I loved the cheerful flower and heart design! It makes me remember my childhood. :) *unicorns and toad stools and fairies* Then I found out they were not real. :)

The dress is Merino brand from Target- thrifted $4.00

Vintage leather peep toe heals- $.75 thrifted

belt - free!

blue necklace- gift made by a friend

Jean shoulder bag- Ashley of Bramblewood fashion( won in a give away!) thank you Ashley! I love it! Its my summer go to bag! :) see her blog here-

White lace head band- Garlands of Grace Etsy shop ( purchased with my birthday money in April) visit their store here-

total for outfit- $4.75!!!

Oh and on another note, you all may be wondering, hey that dress seems a little short Rebecca! Well I don't believe its too short, it covers all the areas I believe need covering. Anyones thoughts on this? Are the knees in some way not modest to show?! My dad does not think so, but hey some people may believe it can distract guys. Been wondering what guys and gals might think on the subject of well knees. :)

Have a lovely rest of your wednesday! I decided to dress up a bit more since my dad is going on a date with my sister and I. :) Can't wait!

In Christ,


KatySue Pillsbury said...

I think knee length things are fine, but you do really have to watch bending over and sitting down as the shorter skirts will show much more then you bargined for! I recently started wearing bicycle shorts under all of my skirts and am now not so afraid of the wind and little kids poofing my skirt up!
You look great by they way, I love that dress! =)

SinginginHisName said...

KatySue yes I do agree that knee length skirts and dresses are more of a challenge to wear as you have to really watch. Thats why I only wear them when I know I won't be doing things where I have to bend over a lot. :)

thanks for the advice and about the dress! I love this dress and really don't think I should not wear it because it shoes a bit of my knees. But yes there are a lot more things to worry about when wearing it. :)

In Christ,

Sarah Jane said...

What lovely, lovely belts and buckles!

Your outfit is very pretty, modest and subdued yet fun and classy. As all your outfits are!

I do not think the dress is too short. It looks perfect on you and the length seems very vintage to me. . .and adorable look.

I think sometimes we can get too caught up in rules and standards for dress. It's so hard to put "what you should wear" down in black and white. What is modest on one person can be very immodest on another. . .I believe our motives and our attitude speak volumes more about our views on modesty than the actual cut and style of our clothes.

I've seen girls playing basketball with shorts on and they are so *unaware* of themselves and their clothes it's just a joy to be around them - the focus is on THEM, not their clothing.

Then other girls wear long sundresses with spaghetti straps - which some may find more "modest" than girls wearing shorts - but the whole attitude is suddenly one of sexiness and seductiveness.

The difference? The girls attitudes. Their actions, their body language.

Ultimately I think the only one Person who can really give you great guidelines for dress is the Lord! His opinion is the only one that truly matters. If your dad (or husband if you are married) has no problems with your outfit, I feel that is a good sign.

The idea of modesty varies SO MUCH from person to person, it's so hard to know what other people mean when they said "modest dress".

I personally like to dress in a way that is feminine yet not "sexy" (that's only for my hubby!) ;), practical yet not dowdy, something that makes me feel pretty and something I believe God would like to see me in. When I take care to choose clothing that meets my criteria, I automatically feel more ladylike and will take more care in how I move. ..trying to act with more grace and elegance, not jerkily or coarsely, if that makes sense.

All that to say. .I think you look GREAT! :)

SinginginHisName said...

Sarah you put into words what I was thinking, but could not type out at the moment. I believe modesty is definitely about the heart attitude! If we are putting on a garment and then we act seductively in it, then we are not modest. I too have been around many women in a dress maybe I would not wear, but their countenance is of a the Lord, they are not trying to catch anyone's eye. :)

And thank you for that encouragement! Because I believe so many just put up rules for modesty and I believe their is more to it than that! God may tell me that its alright to wear this dress that shows my knees and others may say the Lord told them thats not modest. But thats alright for them, I believe if the Lord has told us an outfit is alright then go for it!

again Sarah I appreciate so much your thoughts! you put into words just what I was thinking. :) Its about the heart.
In Christ,

Anonymous said...

Your dress is so cute!
I love it :)

I like the belt buckles too.

It's amazing that you got your whole outfit for under 5$!

Many times it's not even possible to get a new shirt for that price.

You have great style!


Shey said...

Wow that is one amazing find! And I love what you did with the ribbon, you can make all sorts of beautiful belts! =D

Miss Linda said...

Those belt buckles are wonderful. I just bought two lovely belt buckles from a local fabric store that I am excited about. I love the idea of using a ribbon as a belt. I'm going to have to look into doing something like that!

Zoe said...

I've often struggled as to whether skirts or dresses just above my knee are too short too. My mother thinks it is a little too short, but I have always struggled with it. I prefer them longer anyway, but I do own a couple of shorter dresses.

Miss Tarleton said...

I completely agree with Sarah, and I think the knee-length dress looks lovely! What is and isn't modest can also change with body type, especially for tops, I have found.
Cute outfit, and fun buckles! :)

Ashleigh said...

I love your dress!! It's so flattering and very vintage! I think knee length is perfectly fine as well. It's all about how you carry yourself, act, sit, walk, ect. It also helps when the skirt flares a bit at the knee vs. something like a tight pencil skirt. Very cute!

SinginginHisName said...

thank you everyone for your thoughts! I wore this outfit to the Homeschool convention here in VA this past weekend and got a lot of nice compliments. I don't believe its over the line in regards to modesty, but its not saying hello I am a homeschooler. I love feeling feminine and modest and unique. :)

In Christ,