Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sue Gregg cookbook booth

Hi everyone! My family and I started doing the Sue Gregg booth at our local homeschool convention last year and we did it again this past weekend. If you have not heard of Sue Gregg you can see her website 

The basic idea of her books is that you can use whole foods and whole grains in place of processed white flour and sugar and other ingredients that are not as healthy even if you are on a budget. She has menu plans by month and many recipes and tips on using whole foods and grains in your cooking and baking.

My sister managed the booth this year and we were so suprised that setting up the booth only took us 45 minutes! Compared to last year taking us 3 hours!! Praise God we have a better idea now how to set up and tear down the booth efficiently! thank you to all the sue gregg volunteers! We could have not done it without you and thank you to all the eager people at the convention that were eager to learn about a new way to view food. :)

In Christ,


Melanie said...

Oooh! Those have been in our house for years....definitely classics...we love them! :)
I have to say those look a bit more "crisp" than ours do. ;)
Many Blessings!

Angel said...

Oh wow! I'll definatly have to check out these books! Thanks for the link! :D
Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Emily Jacinta said...

that's awesome!!

Stephanie Ann said...

This is so cool. I had never heard of these books but it sounds like they are the kind of cookbooks we should be using.