Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Feminism vs. Women in Christ relying on God

Ladies I realize I have been absent for a while, I believe this blog will be silent for most of this month. There are so many other things that are top priority right and blogging will never be one of them. But I wanted to share this video, its quite convicting and if you do not know what feminism is or realize that its not giving you fulfillment in Christ then watch this video. I especially loved the last part, which is part 5 of the series. Praise God that He is enough! Praise God that He is bigger than we are! Praise God that we can submit to Him in an age that submits to ourselves as god. Praise God He is alive and hears the crys of His children who need Him in this time where many turn to themselves for fulfillment. Christ is the only way to joy and fulfillment ladies.
Have a lovely rest of your day!
In Christ,

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Miss Linda said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. This was very instructional and I actually learned something from watching it! :)