Monday, May 30, 2011

Thrifting and my Memorial day outfit

just had to do a photo of this great little pouch my parents gave me for my birthday in April! Not sure how old it is, but that fabric is great isn't it?!
 Hey everyone! I hope your Memorial day was not only fun but also filled with joy in the Lord. Praise God that mine was! He gave me joy today as I have starting really having to ask for that daily these days. :) But praise God He gives us joy when we ask for it! I was a grump a lot this past week because I was not spending as much time in prayer and with the Lord as I should have. I just needed to get back into being with my Savior because its not a duty and its because I need and want to be with Him in prayer and meditating on His Word.

Praise God as well for all our veterans who have served in our armed forces over the many years the United States has been a country under God! Praise God as well for the troops who are still over seas and have just come home. My dad is a veteran so all the troops really mean a lot to me! I don't believe I would appreciate the military as much as I do if it were not for my dads example of making sacrifices to defend our country as well as my grandfather's example as well. Praise God for all these brave men!
But anyway back to the outfit and thrifting post. :) I was blessed to have this blouse come into my wardrobe Tuesday when my mother found it at our local charity thrift shop here in our home town. Its H&M and it seemed as though it had never been worn! $4.00 and I was sold. :) I have two white blouses in my wardrobe already, but they seem to be a new staple to my wardrobe for summer, so another was a big help to me.
I also wore my favorite brown thrifted belt I found a while ago last February I believe. Its been a wardrobe staple for me as well, it defines a waist well with shirts and blouses as well as dresses. I believe belts are great! They are my favorite wardrobe accessory really. :) Can you tell by my outfits I post?! The red skirt is one that was made about 5 years ago. It was the first skirt I believe I ever made! I remember getting the fabric and being excited to try out doing my first skirt with my sisters help. She ended up doing the hard past, the zipper, of course! But I still learned a lot and now I am glad to say I can put in zippers with confidence. :)
Now for the reveal of my favorite, most amazing thrift find to date I believe!!! On friday my mother and I went to the charity thrift shop again, yes we went twice this week because we had some donations on friday, so we just had to see if I could find a pair of black 1940's ish sandals! I had found so many expensive ones online on etsy and did not want to pay all that money! So when I dug through the rows of shoes and found these in my size I was floored!!!
The Lord truly helped me find them as He usually does and I am proud to say I paid only $3.00 for these beauties that I believe will get so much wear for many years! I paid with my change from my coin purse! What a blessing and what a surprise these were to find.  They are real leather and the heel is not too high for daily wear in my opinion. Lord willing photos of them with my swing dress to come.

Have a lovely rest of your week!
In Christ,


Angel said...

Beautiful outfit! And I love the shoes! I've been looking for a pair like of 40ish looking sandals myself latlely. I havn't found any yet, but I'm not giving up! :D
Have a wonderfully blessed day!

SinginginHisName said...

thanks Angel! Yes I was so excited to find those shoes! Hopefully you can find yours soon! yes do not give up! I was about ready to as well when I came across these. :)
May you be blessed as well!
In Christ,