Monday, May 16, 2011

Farmers and Food Rights Rally

 Hey friends! I just wanted to share a bit about my day today. It was quite lovely! I have really been pondering, praying, and contemplating food and where our food comes from lately and how we should be eating healthy food that is not covered in pesticides and other stuff that is not God made. :) Some friends of mine told us about a rally in D.C. that was this morning and we decided to attend. It was all about food and farmers rights and how the FDA is not letting us have our liberty and freedom to choose to have unpasteurized milk among other things.Two lovely friends of mine who attended the rally with myself and my mother above.
Yes they even brought in a cow from a local farm near D.C. to prove the point all the more that cows that are being treated well and are grass fed produce yummy milk.
I loved these signs this family made! Why is alchohol and tabacco consumption legal, but having raw milk is not?!! I don't believe that its right for us americans who are supposed to have the liberty cannot consume food that is good for us!
My family and I have also enjoyed The Nourishing Tradtions cookbook for the past year. We were able to hear the author Sally speak about the benefits of non pasteurized milk. We were also able to hear other speakers as well talk about our right to liberty and how we should have the freedom to legally consume foods that are nutritional! Why is junk food legally sold and it is not even nutritionally good for the human body?!

All the Moms and their children that attended above and below, it was great to see families, fathers and mothers and their children come to the rally together! How wonderful to see the generations young and old wanting to support liberty and the freedom of speech.
I hope you all's day was also lovely! I ended my day with watching Food Inc. and I would recommend this movie! If you have netflix it is up for instant streaming! It was also a day for me of pondering really where our foods come from and my sister and mother and father and I have seen it confirmed that growing our own food and tryign to buy locally is definately becoming a bigger priority for us!

Do any of you garden or buy from local farmers for your own food? Have you all ever attended a rally before?! I had not! I am just starting to really ponder about all this food stuff. But I have been gardening for about 3 years now and trying to eat better food for much longer. But I had never realized how the FDA is trying to prevent americans from freedom of choice for healthy foods!

On another note, today was also a great day for me because my two friends and I and my Mom were able to share the Gospel today. We were able to share with many at the Rally that we were not there just because we believe eating natural foods is good for our health and the world. We believe that since God provided us with these foods we should be using the foods He provides knowing the food is from Him and Him alone and not man.If you get my drift.

We were also getting onto the metro to go home and a lady said to us, " I know you gals, your amish!" I was a little taken a back for a second, but as I had kept on walking I stopped and said, " No we are not amish, we are Christians and we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior!" Then the lady responded, " Oh I like that, thats nice." And we had been walking to get onto the escalator as she replied. Then I smiled and said to my mom and friends, " do we really look amish?" Then we all discussed this for a while and came to the conclusion the lady was just trying to get our attention so she could give us her flyer, but that what a great ministry opportunity it is when you dress differently from the world. People notice and then you can share why you dress differently! Praise God He can be a light through us even in the small way of dressing in a feminine way. :) That made my day!
In Christ,


Lola said...

Wow... I am so happy to see you go to an event like this and I really like this recent trend of Christians stepping up and being stewards of the Earth.

However, I have a problem with the argument that the FDA or the government is trying to prevent people from eating healthily by preventing them from getting raw milk. (Is raw milk illegal? I can get it at my local farmers' market every Saturday, even though I don't because I find milk disgusting.) Many cities have recently tried to raise taxes on sodas and junk food, to much public outcry, the argument being that people should be responsible for their own food choices, good or bad.

I would just like to see people have more access to healthy foods. Have you heard of "food deserts," areas in cities for example where residents really only have access to convenience stores and fast food restaurants for their daily food needs?

SinginginHisName said...

Hey Lola!

Yes actually raw milk cannot be sold in some states. Its scary, but true! that is one reason I attended the rally.

Yes I have heard of people who don't have access to natural produce and other such foods. Its awful! But I do believe that definitely people in those types of areas can still try and grow their own food or start a revolution to stop that problem such as starting food co-ops and such to get home grown foods into those areas.
I would definately recommend seeing what this family has done here to produce their own food in the city! Its amazing.

I loved hearing your thoughts and thats great you are well informed about these issues. I recently watched a movie called Food Inc. and it talked about the places where families have no choice really except to buy fast foods or convenience foods because they cannot afford the healthier foods. I am trying to figure out ways I can help prevent this. I believe that through much prayer, attending rallys as I did today, and getting other people with the same vision together we can try and prevent that from becoming even more normal.
thanks for your thoughts and its encouraging to hear others out there want to help others to see the under lying problems with the American food industry.

In Christ,

Angel said...

Wow! I did not realize that they held rallies for this sort of thing. I thought our family, and some of our other friends were one of the only ones to realize how the government is not giving the consumer a choice in their food preference. ;) Our family has been raising all of our vegetables since I was about 3 or 4. When I was 10 we started raising our own chickens for eggs, and about 3 years ago we purchased a Jersey milk cow for milk, cheese, and other dairy products. Now we have a pig we are pasture raising. :D For us it is easier to raise our own food, than pay the high prices in local stores. We have been blessed in that area. So slowly but surely, we are becoming pesticide and hormone free. :)

And for us in North Carolina, it is illegal to buy or sell raw milk. That's a sore subjet in this house though... ;)

Oh and what a wonderful opportunity to witness! Thanks for sharing that story. :)
Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Ashleigh said...

I want to go to a food rally! That sounds really neat! I watched Food Inc last year and it's so aweful and disgusting how they treat the animals. I'm so blessed to have friends with farms, because we are able to get raw goats milk, grass fed meat, and organic eggs.

Nourishing Traditions is such a great book! I'm about to start making kefir and yogurt from the recipes I've found in there.