Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Wool dress complete

Hey everyone!
My friend just posted pictures on fb and now I good photos of my finished plaid navy blue wool dress I have been working on since August and I finished it last thursday before our big reenactment at Ceder creek.

I can't believe I finally conquered pleating the skirt! With my amazing sisters help I did! :)

 Yes it has double puff sleeved drafted by my dear sister Bethany over at diary of a seamstress. She was a huge help to me in the fitting process of the bodice and learning how to pleat as well as do puff sleeves. I love the result.
I am chatting with new and old friends below. The Lord brought so many young ladies from all over the east coast to this event that were inspiring to chat with.
 Our camp below with lots of our members of our group. You can also see my finished star quilt on the ground. I finally finished it! :) Just in time for the event!

We did quilting demonstrations on saturday and had a fun time doing a baby quilt for a friend who is expecting. All in all the event was wonderful and through the Lords providence we met a lot of great people and had a great time with friends!

have a blessed day and Lord willing more photos to come from the event.

In Christ,


Melanie said...

I LOVE that first picture!!!

Miss Virginia said...

oh Becca your dress is *Breathtaking*!! Simply gorgeous. It looks so authentic!!

~Ginny, who really really really wants a wool now!! :D

Mrs. G said...

Your dress is lovely and the sleeves are so *perfect*! You did a great job and what a blessing your sister is to you, though I'm sure you're a blessing to her too! Godly families make my heart smile. :-)
Mrs. G

Hannah said...

Thank you for the kind wishes on our new daughter,

Stephanie Ann said...

The dress is absolutely beautiful. It was very nice to meet you last weekend. All of the ladies were very nice and dressed very beautifully. I really love the sleeves on your wool dress. They looked so feminine.

Olivia said...

Hello! I just started following your blog. It is so encouraging to me to know that there are other like-minded young women out there. Your dress is beautiful!

Kay said...

Your dress is just SO beautiful!!


Ashley Nicole said...

Your dress is so pretty Rebecca! I love it!


You have been tagged!

Crista "Moriah" said...

I love your dress, Rebecca! :)

It is lots of fun to wear dresses that are a style from the's like reliving history. :)

Every year, there is a Historical Ball for homeschoolers, and I attended it for the first time this past March...I wore a pink Civil War dress. It was so much fun!

Your blog is great, by the way! :D

Blessings in Christ,