Monday, July 12, 2010

Writing and sewing high lights

Hello everyone!

Some delights of my day yesterday were some things I have not gotten to do as of late very often. I wrote a few letters to dear friends. I wrote to a friend far away and to my great aunt and some more thank you notes to friends. This little pretty thing has been handy! A wonderful, dear friend of mine made this letter writing case for me for my birthday a few months ago. I was delighted to receive it in the mail and its been used constantly ever since! Its perfect, a place for all the cards/stationary and your pen and paper! how wonderful! She did a great jog sewing this little loverly.
The button even has a violin and some music notes on it. She knows my taste! I love music!

These lovely note cards I have been using so much as of late for long letters to friends. They are called Bookish missives and they are from Small Meadow Press. She desings lovely cards and papers. Her website is in my favorites on my side bar on this blog. Do have a glance at her site!
All the lovely cards! And no they are not too pretty to use as the creator of these papers always says to me when I have chatted with her at our local homeschool convention. :)

All the letters ready to be sent out and my new journals from friends. What lovely friends I have to give me a supply of journals to quench my thirst for writing all the happenings in my life, my struggles, my triumphs through Christ, and my prayer requests and praises.

I have also been sewing away another set of cushions redone for my dear mother. I posted a while back here of a set I did for the dining room. Now I am doing 4 recovers for the kitchen chairs. They are too big for our chairs, so Bethany and I have been resizing them and recovering them. I am hopefully going to finish them by thursday. That is my goal anyway. Bethany and I are leaving friday to visit the Needs. I posted about our visit with them here last february.

The fabric below is the new fabric that will match our kitchen much better. My mother chose it and loves it! So Lord willing they will be black and white cushions by thursday.
Have a lovely day!
In Christ,

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