Friday, July 9, 2010

Of baking, painting, music, and after graduation

Hello everyone!

Well I thought I would post more pictures of my life right now. We have been getting a lot of zucchini from our garden, hence I decided to leap into baking zuchini muffins. Lots of people at our church have new babies and they would be able to eat these muffins for breakfast. I also made chocolate chip cookies. The muffins are made with whole grain wheat flour, but the cookies are made with the good old white flour. I made about 12 dozen chocolate chip cookies along with my sister and moms help and 8 dozen muffins on my own. You may asK why on earth I made so many of them! Well I am bringing all the cooKies to church on sunday for all of the congregation to eat while we have lunch during the business meeting. We always have fellowship over a meal after church. So I am bring cooKies. I used Sue gregg's recipe from her Soups and Muffins cookbook for the muffins. I used the regular nestle tolehouse recipe for the cooKies. And yes I am not the perfect baKer so I put a picture of them in their normal state, deformed and all. ;)

Zuchini below from our garden, I forgot to get a picture before I cut into them, but I had three, one is already grated here. The one on the right was huge! I was able to get 2 dozen muffins from it!

Grating, yes yesterday I was all in grey, boring I know, you just can't see my favorite red striped skirt underneath my homemade apron. I made the apron from Mrs. Chancey's edwardian apron pattern last summer. I love it! I need to sew up another one, this one is faded, has holes in it, and I need some more fabric! Something brighter. :)

The recipe below, I did use whole wheat soft white flour that I ground in our whisper mill. This time last year I would have been scared out of my whits to even try the mill! Now I can use it on my own without being scared I will break the machine or poof flour everywhere!

And the finished product Zuchini muffins ready to eat! My mom and sister ate some and we shall see if dad will eat them tomorrow.

Oh and another thing from my life, the to-do list! I write one everyday! I love checking off what I have gotten accomplished.

I did some room redecorating as well. I love these hanging hooks, I even color coordinated the colors. Blue, gray, and purple, I thought went well together. The hat is my civil war reproduction hat that I wear at summer civil war events. I just wore it to Gettysburg last weekend. I put the trim on myself and lined the inside of the hat. A engenius lady hand wove this hat for me. My parents were wonderful and bought it for me last year for my birthday. I even wear it in the garden here at home. :)

My old dresser and my new wall hanging. Love it!

My cat Felix enjoys keeping me company in my room when I am doing my devotions in the morning. Yes, I am reading Morning and Evening by Spurgeon, as well as C.S. Lewis's Screwtape letters. I read them off and on, I am not a great reader I confess. My stac
k may be tall, but I do not read them all that quickly. I only really read in the morning devotions and my Bible and before I go to bed the rest of my pile of reading.

I thought you all could guess what the above picture is of! I will give you a hint, my sister and I painted this last week before we went to the living history event in Gettysburg. It was something to put inside of our tent. Can you guess? More pictures of the finished product coming soon.

I thought you all might love seeing my high school diploma. Yes I am truly, really graduated. :)

My sister and I bought this at Colonial williamsburg when we went earlier in June and I have been immersing myself in colonial. We hope to do colonial living history this coming September Lord willing. You will find out at my sisters blog if we do do it or not. She is doing lots of research.

Lastly, here is another video as requested of myself singing another song, " Come Holy Spirit Dove Divine". An old hymn I love and it was challenge for me to sing, but the Lord helped me to memorize and learn it well. Enjoy and have a great friday!

In Christ,


Ashley Nicole said...

Yummy! Chocolate chip cookies and zucchini muffins. Usually we are making zucchini muffins at this time of year, but sadly our zucchini isn't ready yet. We just have flowers right now on our plant. We do have some watermelon that is getting closer to being picked! =)

I've read the "Screwtape Letters." It's a good book on spiritual warfare. I had to read it for a writing class I was in during high-school.

Um, is it a chest? Table?

OH MY! I bought the exact same book on our trip to Charleston this year! I love looking at all of the patterns in the book.

It's nice to hear you sing, Rebecca. You sound lovely! =)


Amy said...

Lovely post! I don't comment much; I should more often, though. I do enjoy reading your posts. Congrats on your graduation!

Is that a floor cloth for your tent? I've seen old time floor cloths painted like that.


SinginginHisName said...

Gabrielle, yes we have lots of squash of all sorts this year. My sister Bethany and I decided to take our hand at another type of plant this year. Normally, we usually do brocolli and spinach and lettuce in the cold months and herbs. Then in the spring/summer we only do tomatoes and peppers and herbs. But this year we decided cucumbers and zuchini would be a nice new item in the garden. We do square foot gardening and love it!
We have lots of squash that has flowers and no fruit yet as well. We were so suprised to find these three ready to pick when we got back from Gettysburg last weekend. a lovely suprise!

Yes I read the screwtape letters many years ago when I was only a girl actually as a family Bible study my dad lead. But that was when I was about 13! So I am re-reading and its really convicting!

Close Ashley, but Amy is right its a floor cloth for our tent! It was most common in the 1860's to do a floor cloth that is painted on canvas over a rug. So we made one! Pictures of the finished product coming soon, once I get gettysburg pictures up. :) Great guesses ladies!

Amy I read your blog as well and I do not comment often. I will try and comment more! :) I love your blog and you are such an inspiration as you are married with your little girl and still do living history! amazing! thanks for the congrats! Another post coming soon. I have more videos to post and another reenactment we had done back in May I never posted pictures from.

I am off to watch a documentary on Pinkerton who lead spy rings during the civil war with my family. Have a great weekend ladies and I am so glad to hear from you all! I love comments!

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing a bit of your life…. It was fun to read about all the things you are up to.

The muffins and cookies look so good! Those are one of my favorite kinds of muffins, but sadly it has been so rainy here in my area that are garden is very behind in I shall have to wait to make those muffins.
What a lovely idea to take them to church to share.

Your hat and things look very nice all hung on the wall.

Nice job singing the " Come Holy Spirit Dove Divine"….

Have a lovely day!

Sincerely, Brielle

P.S. I am on the S&S sewing forum as SwordMaiden

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that your high school diploma is the very same design as mine...color and everything... :) although mine has a black leather case...I couldn't tell if yours was black or dark blue.


Anonymous said...

Lovely post, Becca. Zucchini muffins... those sound delightful! Oh how I wish I hadn't left the muffin/soup recipe book in the states!


SinginginHisName said...

thanks Brielle! I am glad you were encouraged and enjoyed my post! Yes my diploma is navy, not black. My parents purchased it from HSLDA, the homeschool legal defense I believe. So I am not suprised you have the same one. :)

I am glad you enjoyed Come Holy Spirit Dove Divine as well. Its one of my favorites to sing!

Hannah do you have a different email in China or is it the same one you used here in the states. I could email you the zuchini muffin recipe? Its no problem and its not illegal because you have the book, its just not in your reach. If so just let me know and I can send it.

God bless gals!
In Christ,

Celeste said...


I very much enjoyed your singing. What a beautiful hymn! I think I have heard the melody before but never the words. Can you tell me who wrote the arrangement? I'd love to get a copy and adapt it to harp.