Monday, November 23, 2009

Welcome and hello blog world!

Hello and welcome everyone!
Some of you may know me from the sense and sensibility forum ( and from my old xanga blog( I have been wanting a blog for a few years now and I am finally getting around to switching to a blogger account. I enjoy reading others blogs and I wanted to start one to share with others. I am the sister of Bethany over at diary of a seimstress( and I thought I would post some new pictures from our latest reenactment. I am thinking of maybe in the future using some of these pictures for my graduation pictures this year.
My sister and I are both graduating from our homeschool this coming May.

That is my sister and I waiting for the parade to start.

Here is my sister Beth all bundled up.

Thats my dad in his dashing outfit made by my sister Beth. Go to her blog I posted above to see more pictures from the event and she shares what patterns she used in the making of our outfits and more details about them.

We went to Gettysburg, PA this past saturday for the Remembrance day parade. It is a parade to remember all the veterens from the american civil war and to remember reenactors. So we were in the parade with our group. My father and another dad from our friends family are starting a Pinkerton spy group and Telegraph agency. My sister and I are excited to be telegraph agents and we probably won't be spys. We are more interested in the Telegraph impression for our reenactments. My dad just bought a telegraph key on ebay this past weekend that is actually a real 1860's key and we are very excited! Because this means we can start getting our impression togeather for the coming spring reenactments.

In the picture above is my family with our banner for the parade.

Here is my dad and I walking as we went to the parade starting point. You can see a good view of the civil war period coat my sister and I made that I am wearing. They called them paletotes back then. Don't you love the plaid pants my sister made for my dad?!! I do!

All these pictures I want to possibily use for my graduation pictures.

My good friend Hannah was so kind to take some pictures of me in my dress. I might use some of these for graduation pictures, but I am not sure. I might do a modern dress for graduation pictures to relate to people that I would be sending the pictures to better. You know everyone does not reenact and I want to be real.

I especially think I will use the one below for my graduation pictures even if I don't use the rest at all.

Here we all are, my friend Hannah, me in the middle, and Bethany on the end.

I plan to post pictures from our reenactments, my thoughts, lots of posts on music and what I am learning in my piano and vocal studies, and hopefully some videos from my choir's christmas concerts. I also want to post about sewing and other everything things. So be on the look out for new posts. My next post will be about my music studies. Maybe a post on homemade christmas
gifts next and I have to do a post because I was tagged by Ashley over at Bramblewood fashions.

Have a blessed week and a very peaceful thanksgiving!

In Christ,



Homestead Momma said...

These are some great photos! I especially like the one of the 2 of you at the top of the post.

Melanie said...

Beautiful pictures!! :-D
Welcome to blogspot!! :-D

SinginginHisName said...

Thank you Susan and Melanie! thanks for the warm welcome!

the W. family said...

I really like the Civil War coat you made! What pattern did you use?
Alyssa (from the S&S message forum)

SinginginHisName said...

Hey Alyssa I actually used the period impressions paletote pattern. But my sister and I altered is immensely! It was huge and was not fitted like we wanted. So my sister is going to actually do a blog post about altering this pattern to be fitted and not a huge sack! lol Here is her blog.
She will be posting about next week. So until then its a secret. :)

the W. family said...

Thanks Rebecca, I will keep my eye on your sister's blog. :)

SinginginHisName said...

Alyssa its been busy around here, she probably won't get to this right now. But I will remind her you want to know how and she will get to it eventually.