Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas gift teaser and winter thoughts

Hello everyone! I hope all of you had a great and very blessed thanksgiving! Wish I could have been with all of my blog friends and other friends for the holiday! I wanted to post a teaser for some of the projects I am working on in preparation for christmas. I am making mass quantities of something. I am crocheting and sewing just for a hint. And here is a teaser of some of my projects. All of friends out there I am sending presents to I don't want to spoil it, so I will post a hint.

Here are my two baskets I keep under my Ikea chair in my room. I keep all of my yarn and current crochet projects under here. I also have a cross stitch I have wanted to do for a while. I got it on sale at Michaels craft store about a year ago and have not started it yet. I think this winter when things start to die down in January without all the busyness I may start it. It has a Bible verse on it. Its the verse from Matthew that says "With God all things are possible." I love that verse and it hit me hard when I saw it in the store. It had been a verse I had been pondering for a week and then I saw it in the store and I knew I had to get it. I plan to frame it and put it in my room when its done.

I also keep all the yarn that I have left overs of from projects and such in these baskets. I am going to use all of this yarn for granny square blankets and baby hats and booties. My sister and I used to make granny square blankets, hats, and booties for a hospital in Texas. Our friend Susan would get them from us and give them to her local hospital. I want to start doing this again soon when I have more time. I have lots of extra yarn I can use, so I have no excuse right?! Here is Susan's lovely blog. --->

Here is my current crochet project basket. My mother and father gave this to me last christmas. Its from Samaritan's purse. It was made in a foreign country so that families over there could raise money to live on. I love it and it fits a lot of yarn!

Here is my purple purse! I love this purse, because it fits absolutly everything and it is one of my favorite colors! I thought I would share this with you because it was a thrifted purchase from about 2 years ago. And it was 6 dollars well spent. I love this purse! My first favorite color is ice blue! But purple is a close second. My current christmas projects are in there that I am working on as well as everything else a girl needs. My parents, sister, and my grandparents went to the movie "The Blind Side" today and I took this along. The movie was pretty good, it had a good message, but still some humor and content that was not necessary for the movie's message to be told. Good movie though! I worked on the christmas gifts in the car, but it was too dark in the theature to work on them during the movie. And I was so into the movie, I forgot about my idea of working on the project anyway. Besides wouldn't the weird teenage guys next to my sister and I think I was crazy anyway! lol No they probably would not have even been paying attention to my lap during the movie. lol

Here is the teaser, the projects I am working on for christmas are in my purse in the picture.:)

And here another tease, all the yarn I am using for my christmas gifts this year! I love sugar and cream cotten yarns! They are so wonderful to work with and are nothing like the acyrlic stuff I used to work with when I started crocheting about 4 years ago. I was so glad to learn to crochet in a homeschool co-op with friends! I am so much better now and can even read patterns! I am so happy. It took 4 years, but now I can crochet to my hearts content without my project turning into a big ball of matted yarn! lol You should have seen my first granny square, I should have saved it! It really would have shown how far I have come along in the crochet department. I never thought I would get it, but it takes practice. You can see the granny square blanket I recently made for my mom on here on my blog as well.

And lastly here is my cat Oscar, my family has two cats, the other one is Felix. They are brothers and Oscar looks exactly like Garfield. He is about a 20 pounder! lol I thought it was a cute picture of him in my loft bed!
In Christ,

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Anonymous said...

Yummy! Crafts! I am unsure of what to work on this year. So many of the things that I want to make require a trip somewhere else to get the materials... hopefully the trip is coming soon!

I love the Sugar -n- Cream yarn. Back when I was a craft store regular, I rarely bought it because it was more expensive. It's much nicer, though. I have found some nice wool yarn here *sighs*