Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Your worth is in the fact that you are His!

I saw this photo on google+ this morning.
 I had to share my thoughts as a response to what this tumbler picture is saying. We don't have worth because we are in a relationship with another human. We have worth because we are children of the Living God!

  I am sharing this to state that you can never put your whole being into a relationship with another person. You will never find true fulfillment in a relationship with a person. The only way to have worth and acceptance is to be washed in the blood of Jesus and have a relationship with the God of the universe. It breaks my heart that girls just like me are trying to find fulfillment and acceptance from a relationship instead of in Christ alone. I tried to find fulfillment in relationships too, but it was empty and cold and dark and my identity felt blurred as a teen. The Lord drew me to His side and showed me my identity is that I am His child and daughter. He wants to have a relationship with me all the time even when I mess up. He does not push me away when I say a harsh word, don't have the "perfect" clothes, and fail to call on Him when I need him. Jesus Christ is perfect, He loves with an unconditional love. A love that is steadfast even when my love for Him is not steadfast. So ladies please look to your Savior who did save you by dying on the cross.

  Don't look to another person to be that savior, they can't, its impossible. No matter all the movies and stories you have heard of the prince who saves the girl. No human being can save you from your sin, only the Lord of the Universe is perfect and has saved you.

  By no means am I perfect, I mess every day in my thoughts, words, actions, and deeds! I don't have this whole being single thing totally figured out or anything either. I am just trying in my oh so not perfect way to live moment by moment with Christ. Look to Him, The Lord God who formed you in your mothers womb before the world was made. The Lord Jesus chose you to be His.

God bless,


Vicki said...

Amen!! Thanks so much for this, Rebecca - it really encouraged me today. :-)

So glad to see you back in Blogworld!! :-D


Rebecca Ann said...

Vicki thank you! I praise the Lord you were encouraged. This blog post was so unplanned and definitely something I am passionate about so I hope that shined through. :)

In Christ with love,

Anonymous said...

Oh, Rebecca, LOVE this! It is just what I needed this afternoon -- thank you!
In Jesus,

Rebecca Ann said...

Alison, praise the Lord it was a blessing to you. You are so welcome! The Lord seriously penned this post, not me. :)

In Christ with love,