Friday, August 30, 2013

Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a Legacy
Click on the button to go to Angie's blog Leaving a Legacy.
Click on the button to go to Angie's blog about childbirth and see her book called Redeeming Childbirth. Its on my to read list. :)

 Hi Ladies, 

No matter what season of life you are in, single, married, young or old you need to listen to this interview with Angie. It was definitely an eye opener, helping me to realize each moment counts. What kind of legacy am I leaving? Is it a legacy that will point others to my Savior Jesus Christ? Does the clothing I wear, the things I talk about, the plans I make glorify my Father in heaven? These are all you might say tough questions, but they are important ones we must think about as believers in Christ.

Angie blogs over at Redeeming Childbirth and Leaving A Legacy and I am so glad my sister Bethany and my friend Jennifer introduced this lady to me.  So definitely check out both of her blogs and if you don't have time for that at least listen to her interview while you make breakfast or fold the laundry. :) Thats what I did today. 

God bless,
Rebecca Ann

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