Monday, March 26, 2012

So I am a little comfortable......

here in my bed here in the USA where it seems that most babies have loving parents. But its all a lie, every day millions of babies are killed due to abortion and I hate that fact. I recently watched October baby with friends on saturday and was reminded again how precious my life is! I was given the chance to live instead of to die in a literal and spiritual sense! I am alive here on earth and I am alive in Christ. I was dead and now I am alive because of Jesus.

A friend of mine Hannah over at Loving Dangerously is trying to raise money for two little girls to have surgery so they can live. I want you all above all to pray that these girls would be able to live for Christ to the fullest. Pray that they would be able to get their surgeries to live on this earth for Jesus.

You can visit the blog Hannah and her friend Lindsay have put together here. If you feel lead please donate so they can have their much needed surgeries and please pray with me for these girls and other orphans who want to live a full life.

Please pray with me along with Hannah and Lindsay for these babies as they strive to live a full life.

In Christ,

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