Thursday, March 22, 2012

Room Re-do Part 1 The Closet

 Ok I admit it my closet has always been pretty darn scary! I have never had a really organized closet, I have always bought clothing I did not need because I could not find the item in my closet I wanted. But now I need not fear the black hole, its not a hole anymore! Now I can see everything and everything is in its place. :) I switched out my spring/summer clothing from my winter clothing this week and love love my revamped closet! You can see my before and after above.
 Now all my winter clothing is put away in storage bins under my bed and old clothing that I did not need is gone. Woohoo for purging. :) I found that color coding the clothing has helped a lot! All my shirts and sweaters are sorted by color which helps a ton! All my jackets are in one spot, all my skirts are together. All my dresses can actually hang without being too smushed together because I purged. I now fold a lot of shirts and put them in the black bins on either side of my closet.
I also now actually have a spot for my laundry basket as you can see on the bottom left. I even have a place for my summer hat I recently thrifted and my purses and summer scarves are all in my new dresser. More pictures of my new room coming soon. I hope this post was inspiring for spring cleaning. I love cleaning and can't believe still how organized my closet is now. I watched a lot of organizational closet videos on youtube to help me figure how to organize it. I totally recommend that for inspiration.

God bless!

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Miss Virginia said...

It looks great, Becca! Yay for organization :)