Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Song

Hey everyone!

Finally after a long long wait here is a song I wrote and I was inspired my Song of Solomon 2:2 which says, " As a lily among brambles, so is my love among the young women."
I was also being tempted by Satan today to give into self pity and sin, so that was another inspiration for this song. I literally needed to cry out to God to help me to be set apart as His and not Satans.

verse 1
I cry out to the Lord, my God!
For He forgives my sins.
For He rescued me from the tempations of the roaring Lion.
He found me in my self pity, darkness, and sins.
Then I knew He chose me as His Lily!
To be set apart from the brambles!
And be His eternally for His own!

Please do not take the lyrics or melody! Its all my own work and I would really appreciate it. :) Hopefully someday it will be copyrighted in my own name. :) I hope you all enjoyed it! its in G Major for those who are musical or interested! One of my favorite happy keys and the end piano accompanment is actually the melody I played for you all in my last piano solo video. So yes Danielle I have decided to use it as a piano accompanment for this song. Praise the Lord He is working all the music together for His glory! I am so excited about this song, as its the best I think I have ever written where there is a definate lyric and a defiante piano accompanment.

God bless everyone and feedback positive or negative is appreciated. Just please give your feedback in a kind and Christ like way.

In Christ,

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Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

you have an amazing voice, but you so can tell you're a little nervous, aw!!! Lovely job on the song! What an inspiring scripture.