Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pies, pies and more pies plus bread

 Dear readers, I realize I have not been posting as much, but I have good reason. :) First of all I am spending less time on the computer and more time with the Lord and my family and last of all more time baking. :) I am starting my own home bakery! Its so exciting! So here are some photos I have taken for the brochures that a friend of mine is making for me to start my business.

 The pie above is a gluten free pumpkin pie, which I love love love! I can eat gluten, but I even loved it. My sister needs to eat lesson gluten so I am trying out lots of gluten free recipes.
 This pie above is a whole wheat pumpkin pie, which is the recipe I have used since I was 12 and I made my first pumpkin pie. To tell you the truth I did not make it correctly the first time. :) I put in a whole cup of salt instead of sugar and a teaspoon of sugar instead of a teaspoon of salt. Ooosp! :) But thank goodness I had time to make another one before thanksgiving dinner that day. ;)
 Whole wheat bread rolls, which are just so yummy! Even if we make them not for holidays we use them as sandwhich rolls or just to grab and go for a quick snack. Yum!
 Whole wheat apple pie I believe is my favorite! I just love it! This one has honey instead of all the sugar and I could not really tell the difference, did not miss the sugar. So yes I am doing sugar free options as well as gluten free options for my customers. Lord willing my business will be off to a good start this week for thanksgiving customers. If you get a chance please pray that the Lord would be the center of my business and that I would not get discouraged if I do not get much interest at first. thanks!

In Christ,


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, Becca. I love the first one especially.

Miss Virginia said...

Your pictures turned out beautifully Becca! Praying for you <3


Courtney's Musings said...

Beautiful pies my dear! We just found out that my two youngest are Gluten Intolerant so are transitioning a large portion of our cooking/baking that direction. It hasn't been easy (we found out about two weeks ago) but all things are possible through prayer and Faith in Him.

Been thinking about you and Bethany lately. Hope all is well with you. It was fun getting to know you both in England! Take care!

Rebecca Ann said...

Thank you ladies!

Yes I am sure it is difficult planning meals for gluten free people Courtney! My sister is not allergic, so she still eats the gluten when she wants to. For thanksgiving she will be eating gluten. :) But praise God there are options for your family!

Have you seen these two gluten free blogs?! They are great resources.

I have used recipes from both and so has my sister and we loved most of the ones we tried.

Hope you are doig well as well Courtney! I am enjoying my college vocal classes btw. Never thought when I was talking to you about it back in jolly old England I would ever have found such a wonderful professor to help me out! Praise the Lord! God is good to me. :)

In Christ,