Friday, November 4, 2011

Ceder Creek Reenactment

Hey everyone!

I know I have not been posting pictures and posts consistantly for the past few weeks. I got a call last Sunday night from a dear family friend and ended up being able to help them take care of their 13 year old daughter and meet their new adopted 2 week old son. We went to the hospital last monday to pick up their son and it was really a miracle that he has gotten into their arms. You can be praying for them, the birth father could show up at anytime. But for now he is theres.

Before all of that happened and I was with them till wednesday helping we went to a reenactment. My sister and I and our friends all went dressed up but we did not camp. Usually our family does camp at events, but my parents could not go, so all of girls went for the day.

 So we were able to watch battle on Saturday for the first time in 3 years for my sister and I! We usually are encamped and have plenty of cooking, teaching, and sewing to do, but we had no encampment to go to so we did all the things spectators usually get to do. It was a wonderful relaxed day.
 The whole group is us watching as the battle got going. It really was a sight, considering it was on the original battlefield! That makes it even more amazing!

 With all the smoke from all the weapons we had to cover our faces in order for our eyes not to hurt. :)

 The one picture I have with me in it. :) I was taking so many photos I was not thinking of getting myself in them. :) Thanks to Hannah I think for the photo. I have a new shawl that is my mothers I wore this event that I quite like with my silk gown. :)

 Taking off their hats in respect for the dead. :) Now of course no one was actually hurt in the depiction of the battle. :)
All of us barely fit in our SUV! All 7 of us were very squished. :) But that is ok because we love each other. All those petticoats barely fit. :)

Then Sunday we got a better earlier start than saturday and went down to a lovely creek and had a picnic together under the old trees.
 It was beautiful and very picturesque! I bet that the trees have been here since the civil war or before that. They were so old!

I have pictures from recipes I have made and pictures of another reenactment we did encamp at 2 weeks ago. Coming soon!

In Christ,


Sarah Jane said...

What a lovely group of girls! It looks like a very fun and stress-free event. And how amazing to have the battle reenacted on the original battlefield! That must make the history come so close, be so real. I love the last photo especially. It is so beautiful it makes my heart ache to look at it. What a wonderful spot for a picnic!

Angelia said...

HOw fun it was too see pictures of Ceder Creek. We have moved back to TN and we have really missed attending the reenactments on the East coast along with our reenactment family. Thank You for sharing.