Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trip to Longwood Gardens

Hey everyone!  My sister and I and some friends of ours went to Longwood Gardens in PA about 2 weeks ago and we enjoyed ourselves despite the weather. It poured down rain for most of our time there, but we had fun indoors and out of doors. We danced in the rain and did lots of photos among all the laughter. It was a blessed time!

Pretty flowers and all of us will be in this post! :)
having fun smelling all the flowers and getting all of us organized for a photo. :)
Here is the whole gang! We went into the childrens gardens and we were all too tall except for My sister and two other friends below. I could not even stand up straight in there! :)

My favorite flowers that I saw there above! They were called Rose of sharon and I love that story! I remember my mom reading it to my sister and I when we were little. Its a great story! Here it is available on amazon, its great for all ages! Its called the Little Rose of Sharon though-http://www.amazon.com/Little-Rose-Sharon-Nan-Gurley/dp/0781430313/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1303840985&sr=8-2

Have a blessed tuesday! More photos coming tomorrow of my latest sewing endeavors! :)
In Christ,


Lola said...

Ahh, you were near me! Come back on a sunny day if you haven't seen it before, it is seriously amazing! (Also, around Christmas time when they have all the decorations, topiaries, etc.) And tour the DuPont house (I love old houses).

SinginginHisName said...

haha Yes Lola I guess we were near you. :) yes I have seen the gardens in the spring time with no rain! Its amazing! I love all the tulips and all the fountains are amazing. We did get to tour te DuPont house too. :) Its a great place! I love it there. My friends and I go up every year to see the tulips, as of two years ago we made this tradition. So its been fun!

In Christ,

Stephanie Ann said...

You were near me too. Next time you'll have to tell us so all of your readers can join in the fun.

SinginginHisName said...

yeah stephanie I just don't like to say on my blog what reenactments or places I am going for public viewing. That way creeps can't find me. :) But maybe if I am in your guys area sometime in the future we can get together. :)

hannahjiejie said...

I love the pictures! You ladies look so lovely. I especially like the picture of Bethany leaned over to smell the roses ;-)

Miss Linda said...

I enjoyed these beautiful pictures. It looked like everyone had such a delightful time. I encourage you to avoid mentioning on your blog where you will be going in advance. A blogging friend of mine had a very frightening experience with a delusional person who became obsessed with her through her blog and actually found her residence. It is not something to take lightly.

Maria said...

How wonderful to be surrounded by so much beauty -

Thank you for taking me along with you :)


SinginginHisName said...

thanks ladies!
Miss Linda that is scary! I will be taking your advice to heart. :)

In Christ,