Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some birthday treats

 I thought I would share some gifts I was given for my birthday from my parents. They are all thrifted except for the books and the wool felt hat from Colonial Williams-burg.I adore the cookbook! The egg salad sandwiches were a hit with my family! :) I can't wait to learn to knit socks as well! I also have learned how to darn socks! Pictures coming soon!
My mother found these lovely plates and suprised me with them! They are a set of 7, one of them was missing. I believe the 2nd green one, but I still love them! They are german. The bread pan was also a great find! I can't wait to try it out. These will all be in my hope chest in case you are wondering.
I love this scarf! Its so warm and goes with a lot of things I already own.
I will wear the hat for colonial/ american revolution and french and indian war reenacting. I can't wait to add my own ribbons to it.
This belt as well was thrifted and I adore the beading! I can't wait to have a nice occasion to wear it to! It goes well with my two black thrifted dresses.

Have a lovely wednesday everyone!


Anonymous said...

Oh Rebecca...what beautiful gifts you were blessed with :D

The scarf...the books...everything was very thought out.

Enjoy them,

Mrs. M.

SinginginHisName said...

yes I was blessed to receive these! I will be using each thing a lot, so I am glad to have gotten useful items. :)


Stephanie Ann said...

That hat is very pretty, it will look great on you!

Miss Linda said...

Oh!!!!! That belt is *gorgeous* and I wanted to just reach right through the screen and grab that lovely scarf! I just love scarves. I have quite a few of them which I use to add to tops that are a bit too low for modesty. The hat is stunning and just perfect for you. And those plates are wonderful!!

Thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful treasures.