Monday, April 18, 2011

Life update for April

 Hello everyone! I realize I have not been posting frequently at all! Life has been so full and God is so good to me and my family! My grandparents were able to come to visit us for my 20th birthday on the 6th of april! I was so excited! We got to see D.C. and stay in the Baltimore National Harbor on the water for my birthday. Below my sister and I on a lunch cruise we did on the Potomac in D.C.Above my grandmother and I strolling in Baltimore National Harbor.
My parents on the cruise as well. It was a lot of fun! We got to see everything in D.C. from the boat. :)
 My grandparents and my sister and I together. We were excited to get good old glory in the photos too!
 My birthday, they even put 20 candles on the cake. :) I was suprised we did not set off the fire alarm in the hotel! lol
Above sunset in Baltimore harbor. It was such great weather the whole time we were there! No rain at all. lovely! Below tulips I photographed in D.C. when we got to see the American history museum and DAR museum( daughters of the american revolution).
One of my favorite b-day gifts from my parents. A thrifted beaded purse! It carries as many as 6 big books and its great for over night trips as well. I believe they paid only $15.00 for this designer bag! I was excited. You can get great gifts at thrift stores and yard sales and you would never know unless the giver told you. :)

A friend of mine suprised me and met up with us at the american history museum. I was in the old glory exhibit and she suprised me! I had no idea she was going to get to come up for my birthday. We got to see the cherry blossoms and enjoy chatting and seeing D.C. together. My sister really does have a goo nack for suprising me. I am so easy to suprise! I am always clueless. :)
We got to go and see the national aquarium another day while my grandparents were here as well. I had never been before and it was great! I got these two decent photos of the critters. :)
I was really excited to get the above photo of the sea turtle I believe thats what he is. :)
My grandmother also suprised me with this lovely 1940's purse that was her mothers for my birthday! I was just so excited and could not believe she would give me her mothers purse. But she knows I love vintage things and will take care of it. Lord willing I can use it for a formal occasion someday. Its in mint condition! Its so special to have something that was my great grandmother and then my grandmothers and now its mine. I will be cherishing this family heir loom.

I am so blessed to have grandparents and parents that love the Lord our God with all their hearts, souls, minds, and strength! It was encouraging to hear them tell about their being called to Christ and how they have served Him through the years. I learned a lot about our family heritage as well while they were here. It was great having them even if it was only a short week.

I have been studying as well for a clep exam I will be doing on thursday the 21st. Please pray for me if you can that I would pass this exam with flying colors only because the Lord got me through it! 
Hope you all enjoyed seeing what I have been up to these past 2 weeks. More photos of another adventure coming soon! :) And I refashioned that dress I told you all about in my thrifting video. Photos coming soon.
In Christ,


Miss Linda said...

Good morning, Rebecca! I truly enjoyed reading all about your birthday adventure! It all looks so exciting. I am envious that you were able to see the cherry blossoms. I hope one day to do that. Your two new purses are absolutely *wonderful* and I love all the other pictures you took. That sea turtle is really something else, isn't he (or she!).

I enjoyed reading all about your wonderful day and am so happy you had such a sweet time surrounded by all the people who love you.

I will be praying for your CLEP exam. May God give you wisdom and confidence as you take it.

Have a blessed week! :)

SinginginHisName said...

thank you so much Miss Linda! Yes it was a lovely time with people that I love! It was definitely an encouragement and I had a lovely birthday. :) Thank you so much for praying for my exam as well! It means a lot to have so many praying for me! Prayer is so so powerful! I will be praying for you too Miss Linda! I have been encouraged by your posts on your blog. I don't comment as much as I could, but your blog definitely points to the Lord and that's wonderful!

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

Dear Rebecca...let me first say Happy, happy birthday to you dear one.

How wonderful that you were blessed with such a visit. To be surrounded by loved ones is really the best gift of all :-)

Thank you for sharing your lovely day...

Mrs. M.

By the way, the bag is really very nice indeed!