Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall is in the air....

And I am excited to remember good times in England dressed in 1812 dresses. But this weekend my sister and I and our father and mother will be going to our first 1812 reenactment dressing up. So I thought I would share some photos from Mrs. Chanceys England trip last September which my sister and I attended to wet your appetite.

I will be wearing the above dress again that my sister hand sewed for me. She is amazing.

I will post pictures from the event as soon as I can.
Tomorrow is the event to celebrate the anniversary of the last battle i n1814 for our independance when Francis Scott key had the inspiration to write the poem that later became our National Anthem. My father will be participating in the battle and my sister, mother, and I and friends will be watching. I am so excited!

In Christ,



Mrs. G said...

My appetite *is* whetted and I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures from this weekend.
Mrs. G

Ana Smith said...

Sweet memories! I hope you have fun!

Anna Olivia said...

How fun! I wish to try Civil War reenacting one of these days. ~*~