Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bonnets and Bayonets first Colonial event!

Hello everyone!

I am sorry for not getting pictures up until now. My camera is missing! Yes I am really having issues with my camera lately! Putting it in water and losing it! Its horrible. Pray that I can find it so I can share with you all thats been going on in my life besides living history events. :)
We had a very sucessful colonial event this past monday! I was able to finish my dress and petticoat in time as well as I am wearing Sarah Janes cap! :) thank you so much Sarah for sending the cap so fast and in a timely fashion so I could use it. It was a God send to not have to sew one for myself as I was running out of time. I finished my dress on saturday before monday and the petticoat the night before monday! So it was quite last minute. But what reenactor who sews is not last minute. I also sewed up a cap for my mother as well to help my sister Bethany out. She was sewing away as well for the event! Below is myself in the purple gown, my sister in the burgandy gown, and my father in the hunting frock. All made by my sister of course.  
All the guys had so much fun fighting in the french and indian war as well as the war for independance.

Us women folk made homemade soup for dinner that evening. See our camp below where we made butter and soup with all the gals.
My sister and her little friend below watching my mother demonstrate the soup making.
We had helpers to do all the laundry too. :)
 Eating lunch below. My sister mother on the right, dad, sister, and myself. It was lovely!
Friends below who also made their clothing.
My mother showing the girls how the women would have dyed their linen and other fabrics for their clothing.

You can see me on the left in this photo below. Its the best picture I have of my outfit from the day. Since I did not have my camera I did not get that many pictures. All of these were done by a freind. the last thing we did on monday was learn period dances for the era. It was great! Its my favorite part if I don't say so myself! :) My sister and I and a friend even went canoeing after all the specators were gone. In this photo the boys are having a try at it while being George Washington and his troops going across the Potomac.
Yes we even had real guns and let all the kids shoot too! Me included. Have a lovely day everyone! I am back to my college homwork. I have been sewing some birthday presents for friends and crocheting baby hats and booties for a friend who is having a baby. But I have no camera to share with you all my projects! Pray I find it soon!
God bless!

In Christ,


Mrs. G said...

All of your clothing looks great, well actually the whole event looks great! Thanks for posting pictures for us to enjoy. :-)
Mrs. G

Sarah Jane said...

It looks wonderful! I am so in the mood to try 18th century reenacting now. How fun! And what lovely, lovely clothing. I'm so glad the cap worked out for you to use at this event! Now I want to get into this around here but alas, I don't think there are many groups if any at all around here who do that. :( I need to focus on the 14th century as our "new" reenacting era right now but it's hard! I'm so tempted to work on 18th century stuff! :) Thanks for sharing!

silent_librarian said...

It was awesome to look through these pictures! I love your light purple dress. That is a nice color on you and it reminds me a little of a dress from the American Girl Doll Felicity, who was a Colonial Time doll. Hopefully you know what I am talking about. I am pretty sure every girl must have known about American Girl Dolls and seeing as they were dolls throughout history, I would think you would love them. Hehe!

Anyway, that picture of you were you are walking with two other women with the full view of your dress is my favorite. The backdrop is SO beautiful and looks straight from out of the past. How blessed you and your family are to relive our history and in such a place!