Saturday, September 25, 2010

Since I don't have a camera.....

I thought I would share with you all what has been going on in my life in words today. My blog has been mostly about cooking, creativity in sewing and music, living history, and my family, but today I thought I would share from my heart what the Lord has been doing in my life. I was inspired by other bloggers who wear their faith on their sleeves and I thought I would write my thoughts too. The Lord told me to share with you all my struggles and His amazing strength through my struggles and life.

I started college plus last week! I am excited and scared and frustrated at the same time. Its a lot of work of course to do college and I actually never thought the day would come when I would start. I am thankful for my parents being encouraging and reminding me that I can do it through Christs strength. I am also thankful to be able to live at home while doing my college studies. I will Lord willing be doing a music major, so I will be studying music theory, voice, piano, music history, and performance Lord willing.

But first I am clepping out of a lot of my classes that I already did in high school. Clepping is a great way to be able to get your college degree faster and for less money. You study for a subject lets say Algebra 1 and then you take a test called a clep exam and then if you pass you don't have to take the class because you knew the material well enough and go the credit by the examination. It seems to be a great way to do the classes I already did in high school faster. Then I could focus on music and history courses.

The first thing you do in the college plus program is their Life Purpose Planning. I have been doing it since last thursday and I thought I would share with you my Life Being Purpose Statement. Now this is basically my convictions from the Lord about how and why I should live my life and for the purpose of serving the Lord. A reader asked me a while back if I would share my testimony, I will be doing that in the coming weeks as I believe the Lord would want me to share that. But for right now here is my Life Being Purpose Statement to tide you over. The Lord has really told me point blank through the Bible, His Word exactly what my life should be and my purpose is to serve Him. Each point in my statement is something I believe I should do as a daughter of the Lord to serve Him with my whole life. I pray that this will help others understand what I believe about my faith better and convict and encourage all of you!

My Life Being Purpose Statement
As Gods daughter, servant, and new creation I commit to lose my life and let Christ guide me in my new life. I commit to take up my cross and follow Him daily. –Matthew 10:28-29
I commit to rejoice always in the Lord no matter how hard it may be to do so. – Philippians 4:4
I commit to constantly read, memorize, and meditate on the Word of God, to let it dwell in me richly, and I will teach and admonish others in wisdom. I commit to express thankfulness to God for giving me His Word to guide me. – Colossians 3:14-17

I commit to strive to overcome my sins by God’s grace alone. I commit to let no corrupting talk come out of my mouth, but only what is good for building up those around me. I commit to strive to help others live by God’s grace in every conversation I am apart of. – Ephesians 4: 31-32
I commit to put away all bitterness, wrath, anger, and all malice to serve the Lord in my words, thoughts, and actions. – Ephesians 4: 31-32

I commit to be kind and forgiving as Christ forgave me. – Ephesians 4: 26- 27
I commit to count everything of this world as loss for the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. – Philippians 3:8

I will strive to hear my Heavenly Father’s instruction and to hear my earthly father’s instruction, to not forsake my mother’s teaching, and to put their teaching on my head as a garland of grace and as a pendant around my neck. In this way, I may always remember the Lords commandments and hear my parents’ teachings. – Proverbs 1:8-9
May each of my days on this earth always result in praise to my God. – 1 Peter 1:7
May I always do the Lord’s commandments and not obey my corrupt heart. May I be holy and do all His commandments in a holy way. – Numbers 15:38-39
May my outward appearance reflect good works, resulting from the Holy Spirit. I commit to always be conscious of my forbearing and appearance of my actions, words, appearance and dress to reflect Christ Jesus my Lord. –1Timothy 2: 9-10

And lastly, but not least, I commit to rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and be patient in tribulation, for the rest of my life. – Romans 12:12

I read this life being statement daily to remind me what I am living for! I recommend writing one up even if you are not doing college with college plus. It really put things in perspective and helped me to see a long term goal each day. The goal of living for Christ and being a light to others who need the Lord and someday Heaven with our Lord forever.
So this week has been a good week, but I have also struggled. Satan has been saying to me that this new part of my life doing college is too hard and that the Lord is not strong enough or mighty enough to help me through it. But the Lord said in His Word otherwise,

"Listen to me, you who know righteousness, the people in whose heart is my law; fear not the reproach of man, nor be dismayed at their revilings. For the moth will eat them up like a wool garment, and the worm will eat them like wool; but my righteousness will be forever, and my salvation to all generations."- Isaiah 51:7-8

I was in fear of what others thought of me and I was afraid, but His righteousness will last forever not the thoughts of man! His Salvation is what matters and He is righteous, because He is righteous He can make us all righteous, only by His Spirit can He set us free by His stripes we are healed.
I was afraid of being different from the world and doing what the Lord had told me and my family to do in regards to my education after homeschool. But the Lord is good and He is mightier than the world and He shines through all of that to show His plan.

Today I was not feeling well and the load of homework and other things that were needing to be done stressed me out. But I went to the Lord the maker and perfector of my faith and He picked me up out of the miry bog making my steps secure and put my feet upon the Rock! He is the Rock of my salvation, may He be glorified in our weakness. I was overwhelmed and the Lord is more powerful than our thoughts and His ways are mightier.

" For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than your ways and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts."- Isaiah 55:8-9

So if you are feeling overwhelmed or discouraged by others around you, the to-do list, or your life the Lord is mighty and He will bring you our of the pit of destruction and set your feet upon His secure Rock. I pray that He will strengthen you and myself to be mightier than sin and Satans discouragement to live for Him in joy and gladness.

This last chapter of Isaiah really encouraged me last night, the Lord knows us better than we know ourselves and He will never forget us!

" Sing for joy, O heavens, and exult, O earth; break forth, O mountains, into singing! For the Lord has comforted his people and will have compassion on His afflicted. But Zion said, " The Lord has forsaken me, my Lord has forgotten me." Can a woman forget her nursing child, that she should have no compassion on the son of her womb? Even these may forget, yet I will not forget you! Behold, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are continually before me." -Isaiah 49-14

The Lord will never forget us and He will always encourage us! May you all
In Christ,
All photos by Lindsey W. photography and may not be used without my permission. All the pictures are from Long Wood Gardens two years ago.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bonnets and Bayonets first Colonial event!

Hello everyone!

I am sorry for not getting pictures up until now. My camera is missing! Yes I am really having issues with my camera lately! Putting it in water and losing it! Its horrible. Pray that I can find it so I can share with you all thats been going on in my life besides living history events. :)
We had a very sucessful colonial event this past monday! I was able to finish my dress and petticoat in time as well as I am wearing Sarah Janes cap! :) thank you so much Sarah for sending the cap so fast and in a timely fashion so I could use it. It was a God send to not have to sew one for myself as I was running out of time. I finished my dress on saturday before monday and the petticoat the night before monday! So it was quite last minute. But what reenactor who sews is not last minute. I also sewed up a cap for my mother as well to help my sister Bethany out. She was sewing away as well for the event! Below is myself in the purple gown, my sister in the burgandy gown, and my father in the hunting frock. All made by my sister of course.  
All the guys had so much fun fighting in the french and indian war as well as the war for independance.

Us women folk made homemade soup for dinner that evening. See our camp below where we made butter and soup with all the gals.
My sister and her little friend below watching my mother demonstrate the soup making.
We had helpers to do all the laundry too. :)
 Eating lunch below. My sister mother on the right, dad, sister, and myself. It was lovely!
Friends below who also made their clothing.
My mother showing the girls how the women would have dyed their linen and other fabrics for their clothing.

You can see me on the left in this photo below. Its the best picture I have of my outfit from the day. Since I did not have my camera I did not get that many pictures. All of these were done by a freind. the last thing we did on monday was learn period dances for the era. It was great! Its my favorite part if I don't say so myself! :) My sister and I and a friend even went canoeing after all the specators were gone. In this photo the boys are having a try at it while being George Washington and his troops going across the Potomac.
Yes we even had real guns and let all the kids shoot too! Me included. Have a lovely day everyone! I am back to my college homwork. I have been sewing some birthday presents for friends and crocheting baby hats and booties for a friend who is having a baby. But I have no camera to share with you all my projects! Pray I find it soon!
God bless!

In Christ,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Twirly Skirt

Hi everyone!

Yes the colonial living history event went splendidly yesterday! Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow for a smooth event and lots of fun and fellowship. I do not have pictures to post yet, but I hope to soon. In the mean time here are some pictures of a skirt I sewed and my sister Bethany Lynn drafted the pattern for last July. It is a full circle skirt with godets. I really want one in my size sometime. :)

It was a really good experience for me to sew this skirt as it was a lot of pinning for the circle at the bottom as well as lots of seam ripping. I enjoy working with this loud and joyful fabric as well! It was a gift for a friends birthday and she loved it! These photos were also taken by her. She does lovely photography and lots of her photos on my blog are her own. Thanks for the photos!
In Christ,

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Colonial J.P. Ryan Stays

You may have been wondering what my sister and I have been sewing lately. If you have been reading my sisters blog, which you can find in my side bar; then you can see that our first colonial event is on monday the 20th! We are sewing like mad to be ready, but its a good chaos! Not stress. :)

I finished my J.P.Ryan stays which are the colonial equivalent of a corset last week. Its been so busy I did not get pictures up until now. Without further or do here are my purple stays! :) Yes my sister and I dyed the linen purple! It was my dream come true, even if it might not be "period correct" for working impression color wise.

It was a lot of work to sew all those channels and put in the wooden bones(cane), as well as sew all the eyelets by hand, and sew the binding on by hand. But all in all I am so happy I did it! It was my first pair of any type of undergarment similar to a corset, so I am pleased! I had great help from my sister Bethany Lynn as well.

The binding was my favorite part of the whole process actually! Easiest part in my opinion.

The colonial shape is my favorite in regards to corsets, but my favorite period for dresses would be the 1830s! I just received a lovely gown from Sarah Jane over at RomanticHistory. I am so pleased with her handiwork and I will post pictures of the dress on me for her enjoyment as well as your own as soon as I can. :) I am tickled to have a dress that I really don't need, but its beautiful and I can't wait to have a tea party or something to wear it to.

I would have posted pictures of it on me, but I am not that bold. Pictures from mondays colonial event coming as soon as I can, as long as my camera does not have issues again. :)

God bless and have a lovely rest of your evening!

In Christ,


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fort McHenry 1814 Living History Event

hello everyone!
I am so sorry for not getting these photos up faster, but I had a small problem on monday with my camera. We could not find it in our baskets that we had brought to the Fort. We found it in the cooler and it was soaked with water!!!!!!!!! I was afraid it was broken, but thank the Lord it is fine after airing out next to the air vent at our home. So the pictures were not lost. :)

Below are pictures from Fort McHenry in Baltimore Maryland, the birth place of our National Anthem which was written in poem form by Francis Scott key the last day of the end of the war of 1814. He wrote it as the battle was going on at the fort and our flag was left with holes in it, but was still flying. A great triumph for our country. Below is the Fort where they hang the modern flag inside of the Fort where it all happened. My family went to Defenders day weekend with friends as civilians and my father as a soldier in the artillery. In the photo above my father, a friend of ours, and other artillery men watch as they put the flag up at the beginning of the day on saturday the 12th of September.

My father and the other men coming back after a skirmish just in time for their rations for lunch

My father and his friend above showing their drilling.

My sister helping my father sew on a loose botton that came off of his uniform. She was there in the nic of time! :) My mother and a friend of ours on the right side watching the drilling.

All the civilians below after the parade waiting to walk with the flag during the celebration.

My mother, sister, and I and friends below watching more drilling before the parade.

I made many new friends throughout the day from as far as Minnesota.

All the soldiers drilling below. As a friend of mine said through out the day the uniforms of the 1812 war were very vibrant and colorful compared to the civil war. Not just grey and blue, but many of colors were in their uniforms.

The ladies including my sister, mother, and I and other friends hand wrote the invitations for the officers dinner party that evening. It was lot of fun to write with an ink well and old pen.

We also had to seal all of the invitations with wask seals. It was a challenge as the Fort is next to the water(baltimore harbor) so the wind kept making the wax dry more quickly than we would have liked. But they were finished after many trys.

Writing and making sure we did not forget anyone who was on the list.

Having a merry time in the process.

Having lunch with our valient soldiers.

My sister and I after lunch was over. It was a lovely day. At the end they even had a big battle with canons and we all sat on the ramparts of the Fort to watch the fire works and battle. It was a very patriotic display and I was so glad to have been there. We plan to help at the Fort again next summer and fall. But right now I am sewing up colonial frocks for monday. We have our first colonial event with our friends at Bonnets and Bayonets. Their website is on the side bar.

Then that evening we watched the battle and fire works while they raised the flag over the fort. It was an amazing evening. I never thought I would ever know what a rampart was. But I got to sit on them and watch the battle and raising of the flag with fire works. It was a great display of patriotism for our country. Basically a rampart is the wall of the Fort. The walls have grassy area on top of them and you can sit or stand on them.
Below the fireing off of the canon. It was amazing! Very loud though.

All of us watching the flag and fire works above on the ramparts. The musicians core also played many jolly tunes with their fifes and drums. It was amazing. I am very partial to the music of the colonial and 1812 periods. Its just so patriotic and I listen to it on my ipod while sewing all the time. I wish they could come to my house and play all the time. :)

Well I plan to post pictures of my finished colonial stays tomorrow and my progress on my dress when I can. Sorry its been so busy here I have not had time to post more. I want to later this week. For now I am back to sewing my colonial dress.

In Christ and God bless,


Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall is in the air....

And I am excited to remember good times in England dressed in 1812 dresses. But this weekend my sister and I and our father and mother will be going to our first 1812 reenactment dressing up. So I thought I would share some photos from Mrs. Chanceys England trip last September which my sister and I attended to wet your appetite.

I will be wearing the above dress again that my sister hand sewed for me. She is amazing.

I will post pictures from the event as soon as I can.
Tomorrow is the event to celebrate the anniversary of the last battle i n1814 for our independance when Francis Scott key had the inspiration to write the poem that later became our National Anthem. My father will be participating in the battle and my sister, mother, and I and friends will be watching. I am so excited!

In Christ,


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Comfort in His everlasting Presence

"Comfort, comfort my people, says your God.
Speak tenderly to Jerusalem, and cry to her
that her warfare is ended,
that her iniquity is pardoned,
that she has recieved from the Lord's hand
double for all her sins.

A voice cries: "In the wilderness prepare the way for the Lord;
make straight in the desert a highway for our God.
Every valley shall be lifted up,
and every mountain and hill be made low;
the uneven ground shall become level,
and tough places a plain.

And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed,
and all flesh shall see it together,
for the mouth of the Lord has spoken."

A voice says,"Cry!"
And I said," What shall I cry?"
All flesh is grass, and all beauty is like the flower of the field,
The grass withers, the flower fades
when the breath of the Lord blows on it;
surely the people are grass.

The grass withers, the flower fades,
but the Word of our God will stand forever." -Isaiah 40:1-8