Monday, February 11, 2013

Indie Chic Outfit of the Day

Hey friends!

I have thought about where to go with my blog and what to post about. It seems I have been posting in spirts these days and not been posting regularly  I want to give you all regular posts. So I have decided Outfit of the days are one of the easiest posts for me to put together. I enjoy being creative with my dress and strive to glorify God through it. So you will be seeing more outfit posts on here. With school I have not been creating as much in the sewing department or reenacting as much as I would like. I am excited to churn out outfits from the clothing I already have in my closet. I enjoy reading other blog that focus on fashion. So here it goes, I will try to be a semi fashion blogger. :)

I have been loving my leggings this winter. I wear them with dresses, skirts, and even under jeans to keep warm. So you will be seeing these a lot! 

I bought the fushia beanie from the etsy store called Sennursasa. I wear it almost daily in the cold winter months. Its a fun color and so warm and comfy! Be sure to check out her etsy store for beautiful knitted items.

I found the denim jacket with the fur collar at a consignment store when i was shopping with a friend and I love it! My sister Bethany says its not her favorite, but I think it adds some casual charm to any outfit worn the right way. It can look frumpy with long skirts or jeans, so I wear it with more feminine dresses/skirts and it works.

Indie style dress- thrifted
Fushia beanie- Etsy
lavender scarf- Texas
black braided belt- Goodwill
black cardigan- Goodwill
leggings- BJ's
black flats- Payless Shoe Source

Have a lovely rest of your Monday God bless you! Oh and a big thank you to my sister Bethany for taking the pictures. Isn't she a great photographer! She knows how to make me smile. :) What are you all up to today? I practiced piano for 2 hours this morning for exams and then went to lunch with my sister and another friend at Panera Bread. Now we took pictures and I am getting ready to drink a cup of tea and sing my heart out for a few hours to study for exams. I am learning The Music of the Night from the Phantom of the Opera and its so fun to sing!



Sereina Charise said...

What a cute outfit! I love that shade of purple, it's very pretty.

Rebecca Stricker said...

Thank you Sereina and welcome to my blog! I am glad to have another new reader. God bless you!


KatySue Pillsbury said...

Super cute, I love the color combo! I'm a huge fan of the jacket, fur collars are fantastic!

KatySue Pillsbury said...

....and for the record, leggings rock! I am wearing some right now in fact! =)

Rebecca Stricker said...

Thank you KatySue! I think fur collars rock too! ;) Yes leggings are so amazing. They are so warm and comfy.

God bless!