Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Battle of the Bulge 2013

Hi everyone!

I have hardly any pictures to show for it, but I did attend the Battle of the Bulge reenactment in January. I wish I had more pictures, but here are a few.

I am not sure what was going with these soldiers, but poor them having to drill in the snow!

 I wore my great grandmothers coat from the 1940s the whole weekend for warmth. It makes me look huge, but thats ok. I rather be warm and look fat, than skinny and cold. ;) It was fun taking pictures in front of this jeep. I know I should have done outfits pictures each day while I was there, but alas I did not think of it.

No ladies, I did not wear those ugly boots to the dance, I just wore them to walk there in the snow. I changed into my dance shoes when we got there. ;)
 This blue dress was the only dress I wore the whole time, I wore skirt and blouses each day except for this dress to the dances. I bought it at the flea market at the event actually for only $30.00. It was a bargain and I was so excited to find it. I think its silk, but it could be polyester. My friend Rebecca, yes her name is Rebecca too helped me add in a handkerchief insert to make it modest. What an ingenious idea! I never would have thought of that and she thought of it right away.

Rebecca and Rebecca. ;)

 Another new friend Raquel and I before I went to the dance. She was so kind to help me with my hair. I wish I could replicate this hairstyle as well as she did it that night.

Tonight I attempted to do victory rolls again and its sort of sad how they turned out. But I plan to keep practicing to get them up to par soon.

I hope this post was fun to read and look at despite the lack of pictures. I did not realize I did not take many pictures until I got my camera back. Oh well!



Miss Virginia said...

It looks like so much fun!!! I'm definitely going next year. You look terrific!


Rebecca Stricker said...

It was tons of fun! Yes we are both going together next year for sure!

<3 Becca