Friday, January 11, 2013

Nail Polish Review

Yes I know a nail polish review? Are you crazy rebecca? :) I just thought I would review some I have liked a lot and some I dislike a lot. That way when you want to go out and buy one you don't waste your money on essie just because it was hyped up on youtube. I thought it would be a great polish, but it chipped the first day I wore it. Wet n Wild on the other hand has lasted me 5 days before chipping.

God bless,


Lauren said...

Hm, interesting! For me Essie is the only brand that has ever worked for me, as in not chipping and not looking ridgy. I wonder if nail polish just works differently on different people's nails. I'm working on keeping my nails polished as well:)

Rebecca Ann said...

Lauren that is funny! Yes I hear so many people raving about essie nail polishes and they just did not work for me. Weird! I guess different people have different reactions to their polishes as you said. Thanks for stopping by!

God bless!