Friday, December 14, 2012

Liebster Blog Award and Tag

Hi everyone! Vicki over at SunShine and Shadows  has awarded me with the Liebster Blog Award! I was excited to do this tag and share with you all so I did a video vlog response. 

Here are the rules:

1. You must post eleven random facts about yourself.
2. You must also answer the eleven questions the awarder has given you and make up eleven questions for your awardees to answer in turn.
3. Tag eleven fellow bloggers.
4. Notify them that you've awarded them.
5. No tagging back.
6. The eleven blogs you tag must have less than 200 followers.

First the 11 Random Facts About Myself

1. I broke my nose when I was 12 playing baseball, so its actually crooked. :)
2. I was not homeschooled until 6th grade and went too public and private school before that. 
3. I used to play with juggling sticks/devil sticks.
4.  I used to love manga and anime when I was a kid and drew manga style cartoons. 
5.  I used to be a morning person and now I am becoming a night owl. 
6. I have a sister. 
7. I have never been much of a reader. 
8. My favorite color is light blue.
9. I don't own a bicyle. I know how to ride one though. 
10. My favorite soda is coke. 
11. I don't like pickles. ;)

Vicki's 11 Questions-

1. What is your favorite kind of fruit or fruit juice? Orange Juice

2. Did you have a dream when you were a child of what you wanted to be when you grew up, and have you achieved or are you achieving that dream? I am currently majoring in vocal/piano teaching and want to become a recording artist and teacher. So when I was a kid I always wanted to go to Nashville,TN and record. So I am getting towards that goal of recording my songs, but I will be doing them at my house with my own equipment. 

3. What is your favorite article of clothing? Dresses

4. A random stranger walks up to you and hands you three plane tickets to your dream destination - where is that destination, and whom do you take with you? Ireland!!!!!! I would bring my sister Bethany and my friend Lindsey because they have always wanted to go to Ireland too. 

5. If you are in college, what is your major? If you are not in college, what is one subject that you are passionate about? My Major is in vocal and piano teaching/performance. 

6. What is your favorite kind of weather? Winter! Yes I am crazy I know. ;)

7. If you could attend any one concert of your choosing, whom would you go see? Leeland!!!! Hence, the reason why I used Leeland only music for my vlog. 

8. What country/countries do your ancestors come from? Ireland, Scotland, and Germany and a little native american indian.

9. Is there any one theological question about the Bible or something in it that has always puzzled you, and if it's not too private, could you share it? Calvinism as always puzzled me, especially the doctrins of predestination and election. 

10. How long is your hair? It goes down to my waist when its wet and its about half way down my back when curly. 

11. What was the last book that made you cry? Nope its never happened! Sorry. Its happened during plenty of movies though. :)

My 11 Questions for my Tagged peeps-

1.What is your favorite food?

2. What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

3. What would be your ultimate day trip with a friend?

4. What country do you live in?

5. What country have you never been to that you would totally want to visit before you die?

6. What is your favorite movie?

7. What is your favorite thing about Christmas?

8. Is Christmas your favorite holiday? Is not what is your favorite holiday?

9. What is your favorite type of music to listen to?

10. Do you sing or play an instrument? If so what instruments do you play or what vocal part do you tend to sing? For instance soprano or alto? Bass or tenor if you are a guy.

11. Do you have any pets? If so what kind?

The people I Tag-

Sorry Ashley! I can't tag you because you have so many followers. 

1.Rachel from Maid For More
2. Marianne fromEsme and the laneway ( Sorry I said Esme in my video Marianne, for some reason I did not remember your name was Marianne, I feel really bad.)
3. Katie from Beautifully Pure
4. Victoria from JusticePirate
5. KatySue from Not All Who Wander Are Lost
6. Beth Ann from Genuine Beauty
7. Sarah from Romantic History
8. Casey from Casey's Elegant Musings
9. Nina from All Tumble Down
10. Shey from A Skirt A Day
11. Olivia from Fresh Modesty

I hope you all enjoy doing the tag and reading and watching mine! Boy was this fun!

God bless!


Anonymous said...

Hmm. I'm not sure if I'll be doing this on my blog or not. . .we'll see. Thanks for tagging me! I usually don't do surveys.
I agree completely with you. . .Calvinism actually kinda freaks me out. I went to school with loads of Calvinist Dutch Reformed kids and my father-in-law and sister-in-law seem a bit obsessed with it too. . .but I think we side more with Armenians more than Calvinists. . .granted we just stick to the Bible instead of the loads of branches off of beliefs to serve their own minds and let Jesus mold us. ;)

That is so interesting about your nose. how did you break it? That is amazing that you never cry reading books. I cry reading books sometimes, but really only missionary and human trafficking stories. . .which is why lately I've been trying to read more fiction between them. ha. Which manga did you read? I have read loads. . .since 1997 I've been reading them. >.< I've been watching anime since 1989...I'm old school. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

P.S. by the way. . The blogger's name from Esme and the Laneway is Marianne I think . . I haven't been to her blog in over a year so I am not sure.

Rebecca Ann said...

Victoria, yeah the whole calvinism erks me and makes me mad and sad all at the same time. Its made a lot of divisions in my life with people and I hate it. Hence the reason my family had to leave another church because are not calvinist, we believe in the Bible not in a human being named Calvin. Duh!

Thanks for the encouragement! I am glad I am not the only one who is not a calvinist around here who homeschools. :)

I broke my nose while playing baseball with my cousin. He threw the ball and I caught it with my face instead of my glove basically. The doctor popped my nose back into place so I did not need surgery to fix it. :)

I read Cardcapter Sakura and Sailor Moon mainly. I also drew them and read the comics as well as watched the cartoon shows.

You don't have to do the whole tag thing, you could just answer the questions in a comment if you want to and not do the tagging part. I am fine with that. :)


Shey said...

Hi Rebecca, thank you so much for tagging me, I enjoyed the video, the music is beautiful, it was just a bit hard to hear you behind the music. =)

Rebecca Ann said...

Shey I was afraid of that. I will upload it again with the music not so loud or maybe no music. Thanks for the shout out about that.

God bless!