Saturday, December 15, 2012

1940s wardrobe planning

So I am getting ready to go to my first World War 2 reenactment in January and I have been planning my winter wardrobe for it. I will be there 5 whole days for this immersion event so I need two dresses,   2 skirts, 2 blouses, a few cardigans, and a coat and shoes. Here is the website for the battle of the bulge if you are interested. 

Here are my two dream dresses for the evening dinner/swing dance Saturday night. 
You can see both of these patterns on pinterest on my board if you re interested. My user name is SingingDaily91. 

I love the dress above because of the sweet heart neckline and the twisted side detail. I wish I could drape patterns to make the dress on the left above. 
The dress pattern below is also pretty similar, but not exactly. 

The dress below is another I found via pinterest and I am in love! If only I could make this and have a place to wear it! I just have to find the pattern somewhere.

Now the practical things I am actually sewing. I am cutting out my bullet bra and red dress today. 
I definitely need a warm robe for those chilly evening in the barracks after the days events. 

I have been wanting to sew up the below pattern for some time and I am glad I have this pattern in my stash. I will sew it up in a navy polyester with a silver pin stripe. 

I plan to start on my under garments today. I might also cut out a slip. I will post pictures of the pattern later.

You can buy this pattern via etsy. 

I hope this post was fun to read and I will definitely post updates when I have items to show and share.

God bless!

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