Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Season thoughts

"I reduce who I can be as a wonderful creation of God when I limit myself to what others think I should be."- Mark Brown
The quote above was posted on the WORD facebook page tonight, I thought it was so convicting! Yes I am reducing who I am when I change myself to be what others want me to be instead of who God wants me to be! I am His creation, I am supposed to be a child of God, not a child of this world. Thanks for the reminder Mark!
Hope you all are having marvelous month of December! Its flying by for my family and I! This is a photo from a Christmas gathering last December at dear friends house. I love the Christmas season, I have not been taking as many photos as I would like of all the festivities around here, but hey life goes on even if blogging does not. :) We had a christmas recital today, I played duets with my mother and 3 piano solos, my sister and mother played harp duets. I have a vocal lesson and am once again inspired to sing for the Lord and His glory alone. My teacher always inspires me to sing for the Lord every time I have a lesson. The Lord kept me safe as I drove in the rain without my eye glasses. I am getting a new perscription tomorrow Lord willing. We are driving to another state thurday to get our beef order from friends and visiting friends. Then saturday we have a ladies christmas tea at our church and a swing dance that evening and Sunday church and a Christmas social at our house. The Lord is good to us I am realizing even in the all the busyness. I praise Him that He speaks to me even in the crazy season of Christmas. Praise God He has helped me to realize that even in a busy world we still need to stop and ask for help from the God of the universe.
This verse range through my head today, " I lift my eyes to the hills, from whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of Heaven and earth." Praise God that whenever we ask for His help he is there, the God of the universe, the creator is there! He says whoever crys out to Him He will answer, yes he answers prayer, he always does, even if its no or wait. These are my thoughts today even through all the hustle and bustle of the season. Praise God for our Savior who is gracious to us even if we may forget him for a few minutes, He does not forget us.

In Christ,


Kimmie said...

Love those angels...too cute.

Praise God He doesn't forget us. We have much to be thankful for indeed.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

Rebecca Ann said...

thanks Kimmie! Yes praise God He does not, as it says in Isaiah a mother may forget her nursing child, but I will not forget you! What a living hope and assurance of our Gods unfading love.

In Christ,

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

He is truly a beautiful God, who we have!! I think He is always trying to get our attention and one of the strongest months where that happens is this season. . trying to call us closer to Himself.

Rebecca Ann said...

Victoria I agree our God is so amazing and glorious and beautiful! He has been trying to get my attention, especially today, the Psalm I read this morning drew me once again to our great God, Psalm 81 says " Oh, that my people would listen to me, that Israel would walk in my ways!" Our God wants us to be with Him and to listen to His voice, I believe that this season lots of times has been actually doing the opposite, its been drawing me away from Him! Its terrible I know! But Christmas has become so commercialized and there are so many events, and so much shopping to do that Satan has been trying to lure me away from my Savior. But praise God that He draws me closer as I started to drift away.

I agree though at Christmas I am drawn even closer to Him because of His birth!

In Christ,