Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Story of my Laptop and some Links

Inspired by another blogger I will be doing a post with some favorite links. You see my old computer has been slowly but surely dieing for some time now. It is about 7 years old. It was my first ever laptop and first ever computer when I was 13, so my dad has been slowly since yesterday getting all my files and pictures transfered from the old computer to the new laptop he bought me yesterday. Yes I have a 2011 laptop!! I must say its awesome and I never thought I would have a modern computer anytime soon, the Lord blesses us and surprises with these things sometimes. :) My old laptop had some funny quirks, such as the k key was missing, so I always had to copy and paste a k from somewhere on the internet whenever I wanted to use a k in a word! lol! I knw I should have called dell and gotten it fixed, but I lived with it for about  year or 2. :) It also seemed to be like an older person, since it was old it breathed real heavy like an older person would like it was going down real soon. haha So I had to get a fan for it to keep it from heating up too much and then exploding.

So long story short, I am typing to you on my HP pavilion g series laptop. So once all my photos are transfered from my old laptop to this one I can start sharing more photos from the past few months with you all.

One thing I have been doing a lot of is baking! Some of you might have seen my statuses on fb that I want to start my own baking business out of my home. I have been experimenting a lot ad found that I have a bread recipe I beieve would work for selling bread. I also have been making a lot of gluten free recipes because my sister has finally found out her allergy to gluten is what has been making her not feel great for a while now. So here are a few recipes I will share with you I have tried and loved these past few weeks. Sorry there are no photos of my food I made, but it got eaten too fast!

First, I love this ladies blog for gluten free foods, she has everything you could imagine that would not be gluten free, but it is gluten free.

We absolutely loved these chocolate chip cookies and these breakfast cookies. I also made these cupcakes, except with cream cheese frosting and into a round layered cake instead of cupcakes for my sisters birthday in september. I also put strawberries on top to decorate it with a friends help. It was too much fun! :)

I discovered this  blog a while ago when I posted about those bagels I made, which was my first recipe I tried from this blog. I love love love all her stuff, because it all whole grain and focused on putting real foods into your mouth. :)

The recipe I really really love from this blog is her honey whole grain bread recipe ! Its the best bread recipe I have ever used, it never comes out bad! It always rises nice and high and the dough is easy to knead. But let me tell you a secret a friend recently told me about kneading bread by hand, don't use flour to put underneath the dough and on your hands so it won't stick, use olive oil! I never would have thought of this, but since you are not adding more and more flour your bread then can rise better because it won't be too heavy from all that extra flour. So do try it, its really helped me in my bread making! :) I plan to use it for my baking business bread and of course I will be asking her permission as its her recipe. Hoping she won't mind. :)
I made 12 loaves this past week and gave 8 of them to friends and we kept the other four. I also made parmesan bread sticks using Sue gregg's recipe in her baking with whole grain cookbook. But instead of using her bread recipe I used the heavenly homemakers recipe and did what sue gregg said for topping the bread sticks.

I am still knitting away on that nubia for the reeactment this saturday and Sunday. I will post pictures when its finished.

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

I have been singing these verses yesterday and this morning in my head. " Search me O God and know my heart, try me and see if there is any grievous way in my me, and lead me in the way everlasting. " Psalm 139:23-24

In Christ,


maid_at_the_well said...

Oh wow, that would be awesome if you could start your own baking business out of your home. :-) That would be so good for you, Rebecca. Have you thought more about it? Are you going to be starting soon? I can't believe I missed this on FB! Haha. Those hamburger buns look so delicious from your latest post.

That is so good you have been making gluten free recipes and that your sister finally discovered why she wasn't feeling well. I know it is. That is how I found out I had a gluten allergy. I got REALLY sick and had no clue why I was! It was really bad, but once I took gluten out of my diet it was like night and day. I can still eat gluten, though, but it has to be sparingly. I am thankful that I do not have a severe case like others do.

Anyway, look forward to your new posts from your shiny laptop! :-D

Rebecca Ann said...

Danielle, yes I am baking some things this week and taking photos of them. Another friend of mine is making me some tri-fold flyers to give to friends and family to spread the word about my business. So yeah I am starting slowly, but surely this week getting things together. At the end of the month I will be getting supplies from PA and hope to have orders for thanksgiving. I will be offering apple and pumpkin pies and whole Wheat bread to start out.

Oh wow I did not know you as well were allergic to gluten. Seems to be a common allergy! yeah beth is so much better now that she does not eat it.

In Christ,

maid_at_the_well said...

That is so awesome, Rebecca! I hope it does well. If you blog is any indication, I think it will. Hehe. Having your business open around Thanksgiving is a good idea. I wish I could order something from you! I would have eat it sparingly, because of my allergy, but I would love to have a piece of your pie or bread. Yum!

Yes, gluten allergy is very common. I think it is the way we eat now a days with our processed foods. I don't know. It is very strange. :-/