Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Don't Curl Up in a ball.....

when you don't want to deal with conflict whether it be inside your soul against the flesh or with other people! This picture reminded me of the many times these past years that I have just sat in the corner curled up in a ball and given up instead of dealing with the conflict. When someone asks you whats wrong when they are trying to help don't say," nothing." Deal with it!

"God's highest purpose is not to make you comfortable, wealthy, or happy. If you have put your faith in him, he has something far more wonderful in mind- he plans to conform you to the likeness of His Son! He began to change you the day you put your trust in him, and he will continue this process throughout your life. Coflict is one of the many tools that God will use to help you develop a more Christ-like character. To begin with, he may use conflict to remind you of your weakness and to encourage you to depend more on him(2 Cor. 12:7-10). The more you rely on his grace, wisdom, and power, the more you will be imitating the Lord Jesus(Luke 22:41-44)." - from page 37 in The Peace Maker by Ken Sande

In Christ,


KatySue Pillsbury said...

Very, very true! You have such a wonderful way of putting things! =)

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, I'm thanking God for you as I write this. I needed this post, honestly.

Thank you so much.


Jacqueline said...

Reading this has helped me see a different temperament than my own...and how to correctly deal with conflict!! Thank you, Rebecca.
I can feel like 'curling up', but usually (before I grew in the Lord) would come out ready to do battle! Now, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I am more likely to not act hastily on those feelings! How good and right to bring them to the Lord, commit them, ask for guidance, and then proceed with caution and balance. The 'steam' is out of it and I can think more biblically.
I appreciate this exhortation to those who tend to hold it all inside. May the Lord continue to bless and grow you to conform to His beautiful image!

Jacqueline said...

Forgot to ask...since you like historical events, are you all attending the Gospel-Centered Marriage conference in NC in the end of the month or the Reformation Day Faire in IL this weekend?

Rebecca Ann said...

No we are not attending either one unfortunately. They both sound wonderful! We have wanted to attend the Gospel Centered Marriage conference, but its mostly me and my mom and sister that know about. If Dad said lets go we would, but we are not. When is it by the way?

The Reformation fair sounds wonderful! We do have a civil war reenactment in VA this weekend though.

In Christ,