Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lord of the Rings Elven Gown

I know I am long over due with posting. So sorry I have been absent for so long! Life has been flying by and I have not taken the time to blog much. But aside from that here is my elven gown I finished up Wednesday. I wore the gown today to see the Hobbit the Desolation if Smaug and the movie was epic. Being a Hobbit and LOTR fan I had to dress the part.

 Upon cutting out the gown I thought I had enough for the sleeves, but it ended up I only had enough fabric for one sleeve. So I got some polyester burgundy fabric from the stash that matched sort of to use. That was the only disappointing thing about making this dress.

 Here is a picture I took while I was still sewing the gown before I put the sleeves on.

 I had planned to make this dress for the first Hobbit movie last year but it did not happen. So I made it for the second movie instead. The whole dress is made out of wool crepe except for the sleeves. I ran out of fabric so the sleeves are made of polyester. I trimmed the dress with lace that my sister dyed for me black.
I received many stares and compliments upon getting out of the car and going to the theater. I still cannot believe this dress actually turned out. Being a civil war reenator I am used to gowns taking ages to make and lots of tears, blood, and sweat involved. Making this dress that was not the case. Praise God! It was easy and effortless. So I watched all three Lord of the Rings movies and 3 other movies while sewing up my gown. I used the Simplicity pattern 4940.
So all in all I am extremely happy with how the gown turned out except for not having enough wool for the whole dress. I would have loved for the sleeves to make the same color as the rest of the gown. Oh well! I am a poor elf I guess. ;) I also misplaced my elf ears, so I did not get to wear them. But someday I will! I am determined.

God bless and I will try and post more but I am making no promises.
Rebecca Ann


Miss Virginia said...

Wow, that turned out fantastic Becca! I like the two-toned sleeves, I think they're perfectly fine. They look like Arwen's. You'll have to try it on again when I bring you the elf ears ;)


Anonymous said...

You are adorable!!! great job!!

Anonymous said...

How neat! My friends and I dressed up for the film, as well. We got many stares, also, but I fond it to be worth it. :)

Quick question for you:
Will you please film a video, like you did last year, of your Christmas gifts? I loved your video last year!!!

Your friend,

Rebecca Ann said...

Thank you everyone! Yes I would love to be able to wear the elf ears with the dress. :)

Alison yes I plan to post a video of my Christmas gifts soon. I am hoping to film the video today. So stay tuned. I am glad you enjoyed it last year.

In Christ with love

Anonymous said...

Hi, Rebecca!

I just finished watching the video. I especially like your violet-colored wedges, your burgundy-colored purse, the Downton Abbey sheet music book, and the goat's milk bath set (natural beauty products are very neat, in my opinion). :) The lipstick was a lovely color for you, and I thought the "Color Me Beautiful" winter color set was SO cool! And lastly, yay for Reese's! Love them. :)

Also, thanks for the super sweet lil' shout out to me -- how nice + thoughtful of you!