Thursday, March 21, 2013

Singing Audition Videos

I had been asked to send an audition tape to a friend to see if she wants to use me for a new business she is starting doing wedding and princess birthday parties. Enjoy the videos!

I am preparing both of these songs for my exams for the Royal Conservatory in May. So please do give me your thoughts and positive criticism.

God bless!


Ana Smith said...

What a beautiful voice! I've always enjoyed hearing you sing but I can definitely tell you've made a lot of progress.

Rebecca Ann said...

Thank you so much Ana! It really means so much to me to hear that other people can hear the difference between my voice now and when I started college. The Lord really has changed my voice in the past 2 years. Its such a blessing!

God bless,

Miss Virginia said...

You sound great! <3