Monday, August 20, 2012

Don't Have Love by Holly Starr

This video is such a great reminder! No matter how blessed we are in the way of material things or family or anything if we don't have love, especially Christ's love in your hearts we got nothing.
I have not been posting a lot lately because my grandpa is dying and we went to see him this past week. We are waiting any day now for him to go and be with the Lord forever. Then we are going to go back for the memorial service and burial. If you think of my family please pray for the comfort that only the Lord supplies and physical comfort and spiritual comfort for my grandfather. He is in a coma, so we are not sure how much he can hear us when we talk to him, but I know He loves the Lord God with his whole life. That is the best comfort when a loved one is going to pass on to be with God. :)
I am utterly thankful and grateful for a great God who heals the broken hearted, heals the sick, and feeds the poor. He is healing my grandpa, even if that means we won't see Him this side of heaven, its only a short time before we see him with the Lord someday. There will be no more pain, tears, or sorrow when we are with the Lord and I am just so thankful for that! My grandpa will be forever in glory with the Lord Jesus Christ. That is a comfort and blessing!

In Christ,


Ana Smith said...

I'm so glad that despite this horrible time, you can rejoice in Christ's victory over the grave and in the resurrection of the body to come. Praying for you!

Rebecca Ann said...

Yes praise God we can rejoice. :) Thank you so much for your prayers Ana for my family and I! Its just so amazing how many people have been praying for us and how God is taking care of us! I just can't believe it sometimes. <3 Becca