Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Thrift Haul

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the poor video skills and the mess in my room, but I wanted to do a thrift haul when I got home from thrifting before the day got crazy. :) Hope you enjoy my vintage and non vintage finds. I was so excited to find the scarf and vintage suit case. I also found two things from H and M and from Saint Johns Bay from J C Penny.

God bless and I will post pictures of my completed swing dress I finished sewing soon. I gotta get my sister to take pictures of me in it. Its a lavendar print and I love how vintage is looks!

In Christ,


Kerry said...

Just to let you know, Rosetti is sold at Kohl's. :)

Rebecca Ann said...

Thanks Kerry! I am so not into labels and hardly go to the real stores these days. Glad to know its from Kohls! I do like their store. :)

In Christ,

Stephanie Ann said...

I love the headband! All of the stuff is really cute.