Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Womens Suffrage- Did it help or did it kill??

Hey everyone!

Yes I know this is a pretty touchy topic, but I saw this video about women's suffrage and I wanted to share my opinion on it.

 I believe that women should have the right to own property, vote, and be able to drive a car or go places unchaperoned. But I do not believe women should act like men or wish to be like men. Yes I do wear pants and I am wearing jeans right now, but I believe women should delight in being women. Whenever I dress in jeans I dress like a lady with feminine accessories and blouses and I do not flaunt my body by wearing them too tight. But that is another day to discuss my wardrobe choices. :)

Women rising up at the beginning and even before the 20th century saying they had no rights makes me cringe and at the same time I am glad it happened. But I am even more so sad it happened and that women now do not appreciate their role as women to be a helpmate to their husbands and delight in their role as women. Biblically women do have leadership roles, but our role is different from men. We are to teach other women and children how to serve God with all our hearts, souls, minds, and strength. We are to give biblical counsel and advice to our husbands and help them. So we are leaders just leading in a different way from men; but God says men should lead in the church, government, and other public venues. This is not because women are not capable but because we are fallen. Eve's curse was that she would want to rule over Adam and she would want to be like God; in charge of it all.

See Genesis 3,"   To the woman he said,
 “I will surely multiply your pain in childbearing;
  in pain you shall bring forth children.
 Your desire shall be for your husband,
  and he shall rule over you.”
(Genesis 3:16 ESV)

Eve desired to rule over her husband, but it is the men who are in charge after God, not us and I am ok with that. But that does not mean if a man is doing something against what God says we should not stand up against that! Women should rise up against unbiblical leadership!

But we are not to be in charge of it all, God is in charge! I believe this has been the downfall of each culture in the world, especially America, women are sinners and want to be leaders in an unbiblical way instead of rejoicing in their God given leadership roles as wives, mothers, sisters to their families and friends.

I also believe because of women's desire for power and being like men we have killed many generations! Without the women's suffrage movement so many children would not have been killed or orphaned by their mothers and fathers. This is my opinion, sin is the culprit, not one sex or the other for the murder of so many generations.

Yes all of you out there who disagree with me go ahead and state your opinions too! I want to hear what your thoughts are, but please do so in a kind manner.

These are my thoughts on the state of mens and womens roles in our culture today. I believe it all is not just woman's fault; its men and women who are sinners and it takes two to tango. :) Men and women please take a stand for biblical manhood and womanhood.

In Christ,

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